Synthetic Urine Reviews: My Top 3 Favourite Fake Urine Brands

It’s a fact that using a high quality synthetic urine kit is still a great way to pass a drugs test.

But the problem is that these tests are constantly evolving and becoming more rigorous. If you are going to stand a chance of having your urine sample successfully tested then you need to know more about the process in order to achieve it.

The key to success is knowing the best synthetic urine to use for a drug test, when it’s appropriate and how to minimize your chance of detection.

So let’s get to it and give you that information so that you can make sure you are never at risk from failing a drug test.

Synthetic Urine Can Guarantee You Pass A Drug Test

The reason I know that you can pass a drug test using a synthetic urine kit is a simple fact that the drug testing laboratories use it themselves to calibrate the equipment. They use it because it is a more consistent sample than human urine.

I also used synthetic urine for drug test many times.

So, of course, it’s perfectly possible to pass the test if the equipment is calibrated using exactly what you are going to submit.

The problem comes when:

  1. The sample you submit doesn’t contain everything it should.
  2. It’s not submitted at the right temperature.

Now I should say here that it’s not just about submitting a great sample of synthetic urine. You have to know if it’s realistic to use it. Some of the more intrusive modern urine tests are observed, and even if they are not observed you are required to strip in a room and wear a bathrobe.

So apart from knowing what the best synthetic urine with uric acid to use it is, it’s also about knowing if it’s possible at all. If you know isit’s going to be supervised in some way then your only chance is to obtain and use other products to try and get rid of the toxins in advance.

Synthetic urine kit

Bad Synthetic Urine For Drug Test Will Get You Busted

Not all synthetic urine for sale is good.  Most brands do not have the correct composition to pass a drug test.

The problem is not always that the synthetic urine you use such poor quality that it fails the actual drug test, the problem comes with what is known as the adulteration test, which labs can do if they suspect a sample is fake, or if it’s routine to check if it’s fake.

The components required to pass the adulteration test are:

  • Is within the normal human pH range (between 4.6 and 8)
  • A urine sample is within the normal specific gravity range compared to water
  • that your sample contains urea
  • Is submitted at the correct temperature (between 90 and 100°F)
  • That the Creatinine levels are greater than 15mg per kilo of body weight
  • It contains uric acid
  • That glutarahydrate is not present (found in fake piss, but not in the real stuff)

So as you can see, if the fake urine you use does not tick all those boxes, and isn’t delivered at an accurate temperature then you don’t stand a chance of being able to pass a drug test.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: The Best Fake Urine Brands in 2019

synthetic urine reviewsIf you are going to buy synthetic urine for a drug test, then there really are only three brands with a proven track record in successfully getting people through them.

If you check out other synthetic urine reviews you will see, they all have excellent ratings.

  1. Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine
  2. Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2
  3. Monkey Whizz Synthetic urine

Sub Solution

I’m going to tell you about sub solution first because it is simply the best synthetic urine kit out there.

It comes with 11 different essential chemicals, including uric acid and urea. It’s used to calibrate lab equipment and it has a huge reputation for being very successful.

The other key factor in making it my number one is that it contains a special heat activating powder. This powder brings your sample to human body temperature and keeps it there. Other brands struggle to do this and make it much more hit and miss about getting your sample submitted within the right temperature range. Sub Solution removes that key problem.

The instructions for using Sub Solution are really simple:

  1. Fill the supplied plastic mixing bottle with warm water.
  2. Carefully add the right amount of synthetic urine powder to the bottle.
  3. Screw the top on and gently shake it until the synthetic urine is created.
  4. Using the supplied temperature strip check the temperature of the sample. If it is below 88°F then you won’t get a reading.
  5. If you need to, add up to one-third of the heat activated powder to the mixing bottle to bring your sample into the right temperature range.
  6. You may need to add another small amount of heat activated to get it up to the required 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, check out my latest Sub Solution synthetic urine review.

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Sub Solution synthetic urine is a 100% effective synthetic urine sample designed to be undetectable and toxin-free.It comes with 11 different essential chemicals, including uric acid and urea. The ...


Best synthetic urine

Quick Fix Synthetic urine

best synthetic urine

Quick Fix is also used to calibrate lab equipment and was developed by scientists. It contains all the essential ingredients for it to pass as real, including urea and uric acid.

Quick Fix has also recently been reformulated and is known as Quick Fix 6.2. It’s a really great choice if you need to pass a urine sample drug test, but I’m not putting it on the same level as sub solution because it doesn’t contain the unique heat activating powder which is essential to make sure your sample is at the right temperature. For more info, check out my  Quick Fix 6.2 review .

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Spectrum Labs laboratory grade synthetic urine has all the ingredients you’ll find in natural urine including proper pH levels, specific gravity, and creatine. With the release of the new 6.2 version ...

$45.00 $39.00

Quick Fix review

Monkey Whizz synthetic urine

synthetic urine for saleYou can buy Monkey Whizz premixed, or in powder form. It is a high-quality synthetic urine, but I’m rating it at number three because I’ve read a slightly higher level of failure using it, which makes me wonder if the ingredients aren’t quite spot-on if the sample is subjected to the scrutiny of an adulteration test.

But it does contain uric acid and urea.

But on the plus side, it does partly remove the issue of submitting a sample that is at an incorrect temperature because it contains special activated heat pads that can keep the sample at the right temperature.

These are slightly less effective than the heat activating powder used in Sub Solution synthetic urine, but still a reassuring positive.

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The Monkey flask is the pre mixed version of our famous synthetic urine you have read all about! With 3.5oz of human like synthetic urine in every bottle it is as easy as warming and passing! The ...

$45.00 $39.00

Where Is Synthetic Urine For Sale?

There are tons of cheap and nasty synthetic urine kit’s out there, plus some of the bigger brands are faked and sold at a lower price. To make it even worse, some suppliers sell out of date products.

So now you know which three brands will help you pass a test, it’s important that you get the brand of your choice for the best price, and through a reputable supplier who is offering original synthetic urine for sale.

Whichever Synthetic urine brand you choose, you now know it’s essential that it can get you through the five key steps:

  1. It has to look and smell like human urine
  2. It has to be submitted at human body temperature (click here for more info on how to keep urine warm for a drug test)
  3. It has to pass the urinalysis test
  4. It has to potentially pass an adulteration test
  5. It has to be easy to create a sample

My brand of choice to stand the best chance of achieving these five steps is Sub Solution. If you can’t get sub solution then Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz are great alternatives, but not quite as perfect.

You won’t find any of these high-quality synthetic urine products at Walgreens or Walmart, synthetic urine can only be bought from a high-quality specialist retailer.

Sub Solution comes with a money back guarantee and is available from a high-quality retailer for around $80. That may seem a lot, but compared to the peace of mind of keeping your job or freedom it’s peanuts


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