Top 3 Best Kratom Strains For Opiate High

There is some confusion around knowing what the best kratom for opiate high is. The confusion is around the fact that it’s actually thinking about achieving two different things:

  1. You’re looking for the best kratom strain to achieve an opiate -like high.
  2. You looking for the best kratom strain to alleviate the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, that craving for an opiate high.

So in this post I’m going to discuss two different things with you. Firstly, we going to talk about how kratom can get you high, and what is the best kratom for an opiate high-like experience are.

Secondly, I’m going to talk a bit about which is the best kratom for opiate withdrawal, by giving you a similar feeling, but also helping you cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

Can Kratom Get You High?

To understand if, and how, kratom can get you high, you need to understand how it interacts with our bodies at different levels of ingestion.

Generally, at lower doses, kratom is a stimulant. It’s like supercharged coffee, and more. As you get into a mid-range dose, this effect can become overwhelming, and can move into a feeling of euphoria.

But this is not high like with marijuana, this is an energized euphoria, a rush.

At higher doses, most kratom then tends towards mimicking opiate effects, sedation, lowered pain sensation, and detachment.

Different types of kratom, at different doses, have different effects. But generally, all kratom interacts with us by interacting with the opioid receptors. It doesn’t bind to these receptors in the same way as opiates do, but its interaction produces similar, if less intense results.

What  Are The Best Kratom Strains For Opiate High?

So as you can see, kratom can both act as a stimulant, and an opiate-like experience, depending on the strain and the dose.

In terms of getting you high, certain strains of kratom, it really depends on what type of high you are looking for. Generally, white vein kratom is better for a stimulated, euphoric feeling. Green kratom less so, and red kratom, more suited towards analgesia and sedation, especially at higher doses.

So let’s talk about the specific strains of kratom that can get you high, in an uplifting and energetic euphoria first.

white maeng da kratom for opiate withdrawal

  1. White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is a very good strain of kratom for euphoria and energy. It contains high levels of alkaloids, which produce a long-lasting feeling of being on the edge of control. Full of energy and enthusiasm. Probably this is the most opiate like kratom.

So if you are looking for a positive mood and a great time, then up to 6 g of white Maeng Da can work wonders. The warned though, at high levels, white, and even green Maeng Da can become overwhelming in euphoria.

This white maeng da kratom powder is the best what I’ve ever tried so far.

  1. Green & White Malay

As we have already said, white strains of kratom tends to be more energetic and euphoric. However, Green Malay kratom also has this effect primarily, and it’s a more gentle, smooth experience. Even at higher doses, Malay does not tend to be as overwhelming as white and green Maeng Da.

Another positive for people not wanting to go right to the edge, is that the feeling you achieve with Malay can last for long time, it is a strain associated with long-lasting effects.

  1. White Bali

white bali kratomWhite Bali kratom is pure adrenaline rush, especially at higher doses. It’s like completely overdosing on caffeine, leaving you punchy, full of energy, feeling on the edge, unable to stop moving.

However, it can also be uncontrollable, making you jittery and putting you on edge, before moving into sedation at higher doses (usually 8 grams or more), in common with most other types of kratom.

So this is a great strain for both energy at lower levels, and also opiate -like feelings a higher doses. I recommend this white bali kratom powder.

Using Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

So some people use kratom to get an energetic high, others use it for an opiate-like experience, while others use it to feel better when trying to avoid that real opiate high from drugs like heroin.

As we said, kratom interacts with the opioid receptors in our bodies, and in many ways acts in a very similar way to morphine.

This is especially true of red vein kratom. Red vein kratom, especially at medium doses and higher, starts to mimic the feeling of an opiate, a feeling of being relaxed and spaced out, like on morphine, along with its pain producing effects.

Which is why many people trying to kick the habit of heroin are turning to kratom to offset the pain and emotion that the roller-coasters of that experience can produce.

kratom dosage for opiate withdrawal

Kratom Dosage For Opiate Withdrawal

What is vitally important when taking kratom is to understand how the dose can have a different range of effects. Even some strains of white kratom at higher doses can move from extreme euphoria into sedation, to the point of dropping completely out.

If you want to get high, it’s finding that sweet spot, where you get to the level of euphoria you want, without it tipping over into sedation.

Likewise, if you want to deal with opiate withdrawal, you are looking for pain relief, sedation, and the ability to calm down at a time when you are feeling out of control. So whichever strain of kratom you decide to use for opiate withdrawal, the dosage for opiate withdrawal that you use can be crucial.

To give you an example, at lower doses Red Maeng Da can actually be quite uplifting. It will give you energy, a boost, focus, excitement. But it won’t tip into that euphoric high. At higher doses those feelings start to be overwhelmed by the feelings of sedation and analgesia.

So it’s finding that “sweet spot” to achieve the mood you want, alongside the pain relief and calmness you desperately need.

Which means talking about the exact dose of kratom you need to get high, or to mimic opiates and cope with withdrawal is quite personal.

But generally, a low dose is considered to be up to 3 grams, a medium dose is up to 6 grams, and a high-dose is anything above that. This may change by 1-2 grams depending on the person you are, the type of kratom you are taking, and its quality.

kratom dosage for opiate withdrawal

What Is The Most Opiate-Like Kratom?

Because kratom interacts with the opioid receptors, it has similar responses to opiates, and is very similar in some ways to morphine. The chemical messages that are relayed via this interaction increase with the dose.

The messages that are sent with an increasing dose are ones of reducing pain signals, and also regulating mood.

However, the alkaloid that produces an opiate -like feeling, is more present in red vein kratom and green or white.

Which means that red vein kratom is definitely the best opiate like kratom, and especially if you want to relieve the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, due to its pain relief and sedating properties.

Any red vein kratom strain will have these effects, but the depth of them, and quality, will vary depending on the type and dose.

You should be aware that kratom medium doses and higher can bring some side effects, including vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and itching. So you need to be careful if you are already suffering from side effects of opiate withdrawal, by not taking a high-dose immediately.

In terms of the three best kratom for opiate high and withdrawal, generally these are the ones most people turn to:

  1. Red Vein Maeng Da

red maeng da kratom dosageWe have already covered how flexible this type of kratom is. In terms of the best kratom for opiate high, it’s probably number one.

It has a real strength and depth because of the fact it’s loaded with alkaloids, especially the alkaloid which mimics morphine-like receptor interaction.

If you are looking for pain relief, calmness and sedation, but still retaining alertness and energy to a degree, then 4-6 grams of Red Maeng Da could be exactly what you need. The best and strongest one called ultra enhanced red maeng da, from that 3-4 grams should be enough.

  1. Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali is another strain of red vein kratom that is closely linked to mimicking the effects of opiates, and also helping to deal with withdrawal symptoms from them.

It can be euphoric at mid-range dose, but also with calmness and pain relief, it’s not as deep as Maeng Da, making it perfect if you want stay a little more with it. Some people do experience negative side-effects on high doses of Red Bali, so if you experiment with this strain, is best to start at a lower dose and work up.

  1. Red Vein Thai

best kratom for opiate withdrawalThis is a strain of red kratom that also has fantastic painkilling and sedation effects at higher doses. It also has the benefit that it can have less side effects than some other red strains, especially high doses of Red Bali.

So if you are looking for a red vein kratom that is affordable, gentle, and that can deliver a good quality of opiate high, alongside the benefits of sedation and pain relief, then Red Vein Thai could be a great starting point.

I usually order red thai from, they sell really good quality stuff.

Isn’t Kratom Going To be Banned?

So now you know a bit more about how red vein strain is definitely the best kratom for opiate high, and also for relieving the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

On top of that, you know that generally, white kratom strains are better for an energetic high, that can border on outright euphoria. So if you’re looking for the relieving the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, these are the strains to avoid.

These effects are a broad spectrum, and are highly controllable, with minimal risk of long-term addiction.

But despite the benefits in terms of mental health, and helping people to get away from opiates like heroin, the government of the USA is considering banning kratom.

However, it is still legal in most states, and the FDA has made no decision on banning it so far, it’s still gathering information. On top of that, the FBI does not see it as an opiate, meaning that it’s not something you’re going to get arrested for using.

So the bottom line here is that there’s nothing wrong with giving kratom ago. Whether you want an euphoric high, so you can go out and have a great night, or whether you’re struggling with withdrawal symptoms, and want calmness, pain relief and focus, then the strains of kratom we have talked about here are great place to start.

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