What Are The Best Kratom Strains For Euphoria And Energy

Most of us feel low at some point of our lives, and often just at certain times of the week, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that moderate doses of kratom can help to lift mood to get you through the day, or enhance and experience. In fact, there are huge communities online devoted to people discussing what the best kratom for euphoria is.

The problem is it’s partly personal, partly about the type of kratom, and partly about the dose and quality. Is not straightforward discussion. So it’s about education and experimentation, while using common sense and restraint.

But there are several key reasons why kratom can help mood and euphoria, and there are also specific types of kratom which are more strongly linked with raising energy and euphoria, making great kratom strains to begin experimenting with.

So let’s take a look in detail at why kratom can help, and what the best kratom for energy and euphoria could be.

How Kratom Works To Lift Mood

There have been 25 compounds found in kratom that are known to interact with the human mind.

The most active of these ingredients, are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

The first of these is the alkaloid that is found in the highest concentrations in most strains of kratom. It is a partial agonist of the opioid receptors in the body. This gives it a similar effect to that of morphine. So it makes sense that at higher levels, pain relief, numbness and detachment are felt.

Less abundant is 7-hydroxymitragynine. However, it is a more potent alkaloid. It interacts in a similar way, but does it more intensely. It is found at its highest levels in certain strains, such as Maeng Da.

Together, these alkaloids interact with the opioid receptors, as well other receptors linked to mood and energy. The main effects they have are analgesic and euphoric.

Generally, the alkaloids in kratom can also activate the D1 (dopamine) receptors. Dopamine is linked with improved mood and lower anxiety.

green Maeng da for energy and euphoria

Using Kratom For Mood Lifting

So as you can see, because of the way the alkaloids in kratom interact with our minds and bodies, at low to moderate doses improved mood and potential euphoria can be achieved, while at higher doses a more analgesic and sedative effect is achieved.

This is where the different strains of kratom come into play. Although all kratom has the same range of alkaloids, the proportions are slightly different. This is also obviously altered by the amount you take.

Generally, red strains of kratom are stronger in opiate-like effects. This means the analgesic and sedative effect appears at lower doses generally than in green and white veined strains of kratom.

That’s why red vein kratom is generally recommended for relieving pain, and relieving the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. It’s also great for relieving anxiety. Strains like red Bali are particularly recommended for people wanting pain relief.

However, in terms of lifting mood, it is primarily green vein kratom which people focus on.

Using kratom for mood lifting therefore requires lower doses than for pain relief and sedation, and also is more likely to be achieved with green and white veined kratom.

But even within this group, the variations in the intensity of energy levels, and especially the ability to induce high levels of euphoria vary wildly.

Best Kratom For Energy And  Euphoria

So now we have ascertained that it’s mostly green and white kratom that lifts energy, mood and euphoria, we now have to look at the range of these effects that you want to achieve.

Energy levels, mood and euphoria are tied together. At lower doses, and in strains that produce the effect best, energy levels generally rise, but without great euphoria.

It’s as the doses get to medium-to-high that increased energy and mood give way to another level. A euphoric level that can be minor, all the way through to overwhelming.

Which means that not only do need to pick the strain and dose, but you also need to know what you are looking to achieve, a boost in mood, boosting energy, boosting euphoria, all of these things.

But the higher the dose, the more likely you are to move into euphoria, and there is too much taken, sedation.

So before you decide which strain of kratom you should take, that can boost mood, energy levels and euphoria, you will need you to understand the different effects, so that you can consider your choice in detail.

Everyone has different levels of brain chemicals, different reactions to these, and also a different outlook. So what works for one person, might not work for another.

However, by picking the most likely strains of kratom, you can then start experimenting with dose. If it doesn’t work, you can mix in another strain, or move on to a different strains entirely, until you find which fits the desired effect best.

best kratom strain for euphoria

Best Kratom For Euphoria: Top 3

As we have said, determining the best kratom strain for euphoria, lifting mood and giving you energy, will partly depend on you as a person.

However, there are three strains of kratom that are generally linked with being stronger in uplifting effects.

So let’s talk about each of the strains in detail, to give you a better idea of the best place to start, when it comes to finding the best kratom strain for euphoria, energy, and mood lifting.

  1. Maeng Da kratom – Best Kratom For Euphoria

Maeng Da comes in green, white and red strains. As we have said, generally the red strains of any kratom are more opiate-like and sedative, and this is particularly the case with Maeng Da, although all three types can have this effect at higher dosage.

In a medium dose, no more than 5 grams in total and often lower, green and white Maeng Da are very strongly linked with energy, positive mood and euphoria. In fact the concentration of alkaloids in this type of kratom is generally higher than other types, which can lead to it being too strong for beginners to experiment with.

The effects can be very positive, and the euphoria very strong, lasting for several hours. If you want to lessen the effect, rather than taking a lower overall dose in grams, you could mix Maeng Da with one of the other two recommended strains below.

But in terms of the single best type of kratom, green or white veined Maeng Da is very strongly linked with being the best kratom for energy and euphoria, and being the best kratom for mood lifting effects as well. Just be careful with your dose in the beginning.

best kratom for energy and euphoria

  1. Green Malay kratom

Green Malay kratom is known for being balanced in terms of the stimulant effects it produces. Whereas Maeng Da can be euphoric to the point of being overwhelming, Green Malay produces a smoother rise in mood, energy and into euphoria.

So although it’s not as intense, it can be a great starting point for general uplifting physical and emotional effect.

It can help alleviate anxiety and depression, and can lift your mood back to normal levels, or even better. So in terms of being the best kratom for mood lifting, it’s probably the top strain to consider.

A moderate dose, of 3-6 grams is usually the best dose to experience the balance of lifting mood, gaining energy, and feeling slightly euphoric.

In terms of pure euphoria, although you can achieve it at higher doses, Maeng Da is probably better placed to experiment with.

Another reported benefit of using Green Malay to achieve uplifting effects, in relation to other types of kratom, is that it has the potential to last longer.

All strains kick in after about half an hour, reaching peak after about one hour, but Green Malay appears to have a longer tail off, giving you the effects for a couple of hours more than the usual 3-4 hours.

best kratom for euphoria

  1. White Bali kratom

White kratom is sometimes linked with a jittery feeling, similar to that of high intakes of caffeine. So although white kratom can be great for mood and energy, it can also make people feel unsettled.

However, generally, white Bali does not have this effect, it is jitter-free in its nature. This makes it ideal to begin experimenting with.

Also, because it’s not as intense as Maeng Da, nor as long-lasting as Green Malay, it really is a great beginners strain to lift energy, mood and experience euphoria through.

It isn’t quite as euphoric as the other strains we are recommending here though. It can invigorate you, it can lift your mood, and it can boost your focus and energy levels.

At higher doses, this can be intense, and it can move into euphoria. At really high doses, usually above 6 grams, this can be very high in effect, but also at very high doses (8-10 grams) it can lead to sedation, in common with the other kratom strains.

kratom for mood lifting


Make sure you buy kratom from trusted kratom vendors.

The final word of warning on dose. Anything above 6 grams (4 or 5 grams for Maeng Da) is considered a high dose. People taking 8 grams or more, tends to experience extremely euphoric effects that can overwhelm them, or that becomes sedative instead.

So for your experimentation with finding the best kratom for euphoria, we recommended that you start with a mid-range dose, and then top up, or move the dose higher each time.

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