Where To Buy The Best Kratom Extracts Online

It’s easy to get confused about the difference between kratom powder, Ultra Enhanced kratom, Super kratom, and kratom extract. In this post I’m going to talk specifically about how you can find the best kratom extracts.

That means knowing exactly what you’re looking for. I will talk a bit about what kratom extracts are, how kratom extracts are made (including how to make kratom extracts at home), and also what sort of potency you should expect.

On top of that, I’m also going to reveal the best place I’ve ever found online to buy high-quality kratom extracts, from my several years of experience in buying and regularly using kratom.

What Are Kratom Extracts?

When it comes to kratom, there are four different types that people talk about:

  • Super
  • Ultra Enhanced
  • Extracted
  • Standard

making kratom extracts at home

In terms of the differences, standard is your basic kratom powder. It’s the leaves turned into a fine powder.

Super kratom is merely kratom made in exactly the same way as basic kratom powder, but it uses the largest leaves.

The idea is that the largest leaves are more mature, and packed with more alkaloids.

This isn’t actually always the case, and super is a very subjective claim.

Ultra Enhanced kratom is where the standard kratom powder is infused with additional alkaloids.

So for example, it could be infused with 1200 mg of additional alkaloids per 25 g (this is the usual amount).

So it’s basically standard powder, that is usually double loaded with alkaloids. It’s very powerful, but proportionately more expensive.

Which leaves us with the fourth type of kratom, called extracts. Kratom extracts are boiled down using a specific process, to create a more concentrated version.

Kratom extracts are defined by the amount of grams of leaf that we used to create 1 g of kratom powder. With standard powder, the leaves are just ground down, and a gram of kratom, is just a gram of kratom.

But when you see the description of “10X” it means that 10 g of leaves were used to create 1 g of kratom. So in theory, you are getting more concentrated type of kratom. But that’s not always the case, because although 10 times as much loose leaf is used, a huge proportion of that will not add anything to the amount of alkaloids in that final 1 gram of kratom.

So kratom extracts don’t have a higher amount of alkaloids in them, but as a proportion of volume there should be more alkaloids, meaning you can take less to get the same result.

How To Make Kratom Extracts

If you are wondering how to make kratom extracts, the basic process is as follows: 

  1. The leaves are mixed with ethanol, and it’s then boiled in a large container.
  2. Once it’s boiled, the compounds are extracted using heat.
  3. The original leaves are then separated from the ethanol in a straining process, and then they are placed back in the pot and the process is repeated.
  4. The extracted liquid, containing all the alkaloids, is then boiled down until it’s dry. It’s then ground into a fine powder, to create extracted kratom.

You can do this at home, even using standard purchased kratom powder. You can use distilled water instead of ethanol. You simply strain off the liquid, repeating the process twice, and then you put the liquid in the oven, until it turns into a solid. You can then use a home blender, to create a fine dust.

So as you can see, kratom extracts use a much higher volume of kratom leaves, which are then boiled down, with the liquid extracted, to just leave the concentrated alkaloids.

The result should be a much more potent type of kratom powder, by volume. However, that will obviously depend on the type of kratom leaves that were used, and the quality of them.

Buying Cheap Kratom Extracts

Buy kratom extractsSo a bit like Ultra Enhanced kratom, kratom extracts go through a process that changes the proportion of alkaloids significantly above that which is present in standard kratom powder.

The problem with kratom extracts especially, is that you simply don’t know what was used to create the extract. Although a huge proportion of leaves could have been use, which is why some kratom extracts are sold as high as 50X, you just don’t know what quality was boiled down.

Over the years, I’ve had some awful kratom that has been sold to me as kratom extracts. In fact, I’m not sure some of them were actual kratom extracts at all.

I think it was standard kratom powder, just re-bagged and sold at a higher price, which is what you have to watch out for. Just do not buy cheap kratom extracts!

The only way you can really tell is usually the reputation of the seller, and also the price. Kratom extracts should be higher-priced than standard kratom.

So visual check on the prices of standard, extract, and ultra enhanced, against other sellers will tell you if their pricing structure is hiding poor quality kratom, which glance looks a great bargain.

Where To Buy The Best Kratom Extracts

So now you know that cheap kratom extracts are not the way to go. If you want the genuine best kratom extracts out there, then you need to know exactly where to buy kratom extracts that are genuine.

The one place I found that sells kratom extracts that have always been very potent, and far better than anyone else, backed up by a guarantee of quality, are BuyKratom.us.

These guys sell all the different types you will need, if you’re looking for an enhanced kratom experience. They sell 10X-50X kratom extracts, as well as Ultra Enhanced kratom.

On top of that, they also sell kratom extracts variety packs. This is brilliant, because it allows you to try various strains of kratom in extracted form, so you can experience them and compare them to standard kratom.

best kratom extracts

BuyKratom also offer free shipping, a moneyback guarantee, great customer service, and fast delivery. With the range they sell, and the quality of what I receive, I have never been disappointed with buying kratom extracts from them.

So there you go, that’s how you get hold of the best kratom extracts. Sure, you could buy kratom powder and try creating your own, and it’s certainly worth trying once to see what you can come up with.

But if you just looking to experience the best kratom extracts out of the bag, then BuyKratom are definitely the place I would advise you looking first.

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