What Are The Best Home Drug Test Kits: Urine, Saliva And Hair

If you’re going for a drug test and you are concerned you might fail, then buying a home drug test kit can be a way to see if you will pass, or not. But in terms of finding the best at home drug test kit, you need to know what test you are facing, and if you need one at all.

There are ways to pass a lab drug test without taking a risk at all, and not needing a home drug test kit, so we will talk about those methods as well.

But what I’m going to go through here, is what home drug test kit is, how to use it, and also tell you what detox products you can use alongside it to guarantee that you are clean on the day of the test.

What Are Home Drug Test Kits?

A home drug test kit is basically the same as one that is done in a lab. It contains a number of panels, each of which reacts to different substances, so a five-panel drug test will react to the following, most common, substances:

  • THC (cannabis)
  • MDMA (ecstasy)
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates (morphine, heroin)
  • Amphetamines

Now obviously how accurate they are will depend on the quality of the drug test. I’ll talk about that more in a little while, but it should be common sense that a five dollar drug test from Walmart isn’t going to be as reliable as one employer has paid $90 to LabCorp to administer.

how to pass a 10 panel drug test in 24 hours

Where Not To Buy a Home Drug Test Kit

If you want to buy a home drug test kit, I’m going to recommend you avoid the cheap kits from Walmart and CVS. They are horrible quality, and you could have a situation where you think you are clean, only to get to the real thing, and find that you failed.

I’ve heard that happened so many times that it’s just not funny.

I’m going to give you some details of reputable online retailers in little while that will sell you not only the product you need to pass a drug test but also very high-quality home drug test kits at a good price.

But the bottom line here is that you get what you pay for, and if the drug test is important to you, then some stupid five dollar Walmart one is going to be useless.

Home Drug Test Kits

 How Accurate Are Home Drug Tests?

The same with most things in life, you get what you pay for. The accuracy of a good quality home drug test kit is going to be around 99%. So in terms of how accurate is a home drug test, they can be incredibly accurate.

That’s pretty much the same as a professionally administered test at a testing facility. But you not going to get a test kit like that for just a few dollars.

So if you want to make certain, if the drug test is important to you, then you’re going to need to spend some money on a good quality at home drug test kit, alongside choosing the method you’re going to use to detox, which will either be abstaining and naturally detoxing, or using a detox drink to mask the toxins.

Where To Buy The Best At Home Drug Test Kits That Are Accurate

The thing is, the best places where you can buy a home drug test kit, are pretty obviously going to be the same places you buy the drug test evasion products.

The best at home drug test kit to try will be something like the five-panel test kit from TestNegative. It’s very high quality, fast and more than 99% accurate. It’s not cheap, but if you buy three you will get a fourth one totally free.

I’ve used it myself, and it was totally accurate.

If you are facing a 12-panel drug test, then the high quality 12 panel kit from BuyFakeUrine is the one I would recommend. I’ve used this once before, to test before going for a high-level employment test, and it was spot on, and I passed. Well worth the money.

Don’t forget there are other types of drug test as well, if you are facing a saliva drug test, then BuyFakeUrine also sells a five-panel mouth swab test for just $30.

I’ve never used this, but there is the potential you are facing the horror of a hair sample drug test.

Hair follicle drug tests are tough to beat, and you’re going to know in advance if you’ll have to take drastic action to pass. TestClear, a really reliable drug test avoidance company, who sell a very high-quality hair drug testing kit.

best at home drug test

You Might Not Even Need A Home Drug Test

I thought I’d mention this before you go rushing off to buy home drug test kits. The thing is, you might not even need to buy a home drug test kit, depending on the way you evade the drug test.

Sure, if you do a natural detox, or mask the toxins with a detox drink, then you’re going to need to do a home drug test kit.

But if you use synthetic urine, good quality fake urine, then you won’t need home drug test kits, because you’re going to know the sample you are submitting is clean.

I’m going to mention one brand here because it’s simply the best. It’s called Sub Solution, and it’s not cheap. But it has a really complex formula, which will pass any validity testing.

The only thing you have to worry about with a fake sample of Sub Solution is that it’s at the right temperature, and that’s made easy for you because it uses heat activator powder, rather than a heat pad.

This means it’s really quick and easy to get it to the temperature of human urine and keep it there.

Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine

Using Home Drug Test Kits

So hopefully you’re a bit more clued up now on using home drug test kits.

You’ll want to avoid cheap ones from chain stores. You need to spend more money, and buy the best at home drug test kit from a trusted vendor, because they are the same sort of quality as the ones you will face when you go to submit your sample.

As I said, if you are facing a urine drug test, you could avoid all this by using Sub Solution.

If you don’t want to use fake urine, then you’re going to have to detox naturally or use a detox drink, which means you going to have to test yourself before you go. I’d recommend you do three urine drug tests in the hours leading up to your test.

If it’s a hair test, you’ll only need to do one, and the same with saliva, as long as you do it within the hour before you have your swab sample taken.

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