Hemp Oil Capsule Reviews & Choosing The Best CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

CBD hemp oil is becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of mental and physical ailments. Getting the main benefits can only happen with the best hemp oil capsules, which is why you need hemp oil capsule reviews that tell you the truth about CBD oil sellers, so you can benefit from the maximum hemp oil capsules benefits.

You can’t get the benefits unless you know how to take CBD oil, what form to take it in the best effect, and also where you can get good quality CBD capsules for sale.

So let’s take a look at CBD hemp oil capsules in detail, the benefits, how to use them, and where to buy them. As someone who has used CBD hemp oil for a couple of years, I’m also going to also give you a hemp oil capsules review, to tell you what the three best sellers on the market have to offer.

Hemp Oil Capsules Benefits

People have been discovering hemp oil capsules benefits for many years, with an increasing body of research pointing to the potential for the CBD content in hemp oil to be useful in combating a range of physical and psychological problems:

Previously it was thought that the active compound which contained these potential benefits was THC, only found in cannabis. However, research is now suggesting that CBD, also found in cannabis, but also found in hemp plants, is potentially just as much, if not more of a driver for the benefits.

hemp oil capsules benefits

Ways To Take CBD Oil

There are several ways you can take CBD oil. The ways you can take it as oil are:

  • On its own (usually administered under the tongue)
  • Mixed into food
  • Mixed in with liquid
  • Inhaled with a vape

All of these ways are easy and beneficial, giving you a good hit of CBD. However, one of the crucial problems with CBD/hemp oil is that it doesn’t taste very good, and for some people, it’s completely unpalatable.

This is why more and more people are turning to hemp capsules, seeing the benefits not only CBD hemp oil but also in their convenience.

The Advantages Of Hemp Oil Capsules

Hemp oil capsules, and are closely related softgels, allow you to take CBD hemp oil without experiencing the taste of CBD. This is obviously brilliant if you really can’t get on with it.

Another fantastic benefit of hemp oil capsules is that they are convenient. If you are at work, you might not want to mess around with a dropper bottle, dripping CBD under your tongue. It’s far more discreet, and convenient to just pop a couple of capsules into your mouth and take with some water.

The third advantage of hemp oil capsules over standard oil is that you are always getting an exact dose. It’s easy to lose count with a dropper bottle, especially if you are having to count 10, 20, sometimes 30 drops onto your tongue if the CBD oil you are using has a low milligrams account.

When you know exactly how much CBD oil in milligrams is in each softgel capsule, then it’s really easy to know how to take them.

The best hemp oil capsules will have a high milligrams account, allowing you to take just a few to get the required dose. This control of the dosing also makes capsules perfect for the elderly, say for example you have an elderly relative you want to help.

best cbd hemp oil capsules

CBD Capsules For Sale: Buyers Guide

When it comes to looking for the ideal CBD hemp oil capsules for sale, there are several key things to consider: 

  1. What is the percentage of CBD oil in each hemp oil capsule? This is often expressed as CBD by volume, or as an amount in milligrams. The percentage of CBD can run from as low as 3%, up to as high as 80% CBD by volume, and confusingly, this can also be expressed in milligrams.
  2. You need to consider the type of capsule base. These are usually water-soluble, CBD isolate, or MCT oil. Very occasionally, a manufacturer will mix CBD oil with a powder base, but this is more unusual. Sometimes people will claim that their CBD hemp oil capsules are just pure CBD oil, but it’s always worth checking that they are telling the truth, and they aren’t really mixed with a base.
  3. You are looking for cold-pressed, full spectrum CBD oil capsules. You will find CBD capsules for sale that claim to be pure CBD, but often they aren’t a full spectrum. If CBD is cold-pressed and full spectrum, it means that nothing is lost, or taken out, during the manufacturing process. 

So you get CBD, but also traces of the other potentially beneficial cannabinoids as well.

On top of those key considerations, you are looking also for the following:  

  • Sustainably sourced hemp
  • Organic
  • Guaranteed amount of CBD
  • Independently lab verified reports available 

As well as considering the quality of the best hemp oil capsules you can find, you’re also looking for CBD capsules for sale backed up by good levels of customer service. This will mean responsive customer service, easy to get hold of, a good social media profile, positive reviews, fast delivery, and importantly, a money back/replacement guarantee in case something goes wrong.

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules To Avoid

One of the key confusions around hemp oil generally is whether it contains CBD, or not. The problem is that hemp oil without CBD content of any significance is often sold as beneficial, when in fact it’s not.

Hemp plants don’t contain high percentages of THC or CBD. So extracted hemp oil, although full of nutrients, has very little of either of these key cannabinoids in it.

Industrially developed hemp plants, that contain no THC, but high levels of CBD, are what good quality CBD hemp oil is extracted from.

So you will see hemp oil capsules advertised for very low prices, but you are probably not getting CBD hemp oil, just standard hemp seed oil. You always have to look out for a guarantee of CBD content.

As an example, one of the best-known brands of hemp oil out there is Manitoba Harvest. They have great marketing, and you will see their hemp oil products sold in lots of places online, and in some stores.

But look closely, and you will see no mention of CBD, no guarantees it’s there at all. So although you will get a guarantee on the packaging of “pure hemp oil”, that means literally nothing in relation to CBD.

What To Look For In High Quality CBD Capsules

So now you are pretty well educated on what you need to look out for to spot poor quality hemp oil capsules.

Conversely, high quality CBD hemp oil capsules should only be bought if they fulfill the following criteria: 

  • They have many positive CBD hemp oil capsule reviews
  • They have a guaranteed amount of CBD by volume, or in milligrams, per capsule
  • The CBD is guaranteed to have been extracted to retain all its cannabinoids 

in terms of the last point, you are looking for CBD that is advertised as “full spectrum”, or “full profile” CBD. This guarantee will mean it contains CBD, but also other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN and CBG.

You will also see CBD capsules described as “raw” CBD. These are also ideal because that means they have not been processed in a way that removes the raw version of CBD called CBDa. Some evidence suggests that CBDa is slightly more beneficial than CBD.

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules Review: Where To Buy Best Hemp Oil Capsules Online

So putting everything together, we are now pretty clued up on how to spot the best CBD hemp oil capsules for sale on the Internet.

The benefits of hemp oil are growing clearer by the year, so it really could help you to start taking good quality CBD capsules right now. But to help you to spend your money only on the best CBD hemp oil capsules you can get your hands on, I’m going to tell you the three best CBD capsule sellers I have ever found, after experimenting with over a dozen in two years.

You’ll find a short CBD oil capsule review for each of the three sellers, along with key details about the quality guarantees they offer, and their customer service levels.

Best CBD capsules

  1. AllPurCBD

Kicking off my three hemp oil capsule reviews, AllPurCBD has become one of my “go to” CBD oil sellers. They sell hemp oil capsules, and also hemp oil softgels.

The softgels are quite expensive, $30 more than the capsules. Both have the same amount of CBD in 30 capsules, 750 mg. The softgels are definitely a luxury product, if you can afford them, they will give you a more pleasant experience than swallowing the capsules. Softgels have especially suited the people who might struggle with capsules.

But when you are paying around $50 for 30 capsules each containing 750 mg of pure, full spectrum CBD, that’s very good value, which is why they are one of my trusted places to buy CBD capsules.

cbd capsules for sale

  1. Plus CBD Oil

The second regular place I buy CBD oil from, and thoroughly deserving of a positive hemp oil capsule review, is Plus CBD Oil. They are another specialist retailer, with a good track record of delivering high-quality CBD hemp products.

If you’re looking for a cheap entry point into experiencing the benefits of both CBD, and the convenience of softgels and capsules, then Plus CBD are a great place to look, which is why they are one of the first places I bought CBD capsules from and stuck with them.

The concentration of CBD and CBDa is not as high as in some other capsules, 5 mg per capsule. But depending on your experimentation levels, or your needs, this could be enough. The price is so low, that you get 30 x 5 mg capsules for less than $30 in softgels.

If you go for the capsules, they are even more attractive. A pack of 30 capsules, each containing 10 mg of pure hemp-derived CBD and CBDa, is also less than $30.

It actually doesn’t matter which one of these three reputable companies you choose after reading the CBD capsule reviews supplied here. The best CBD capsules are all about the source of the CBD extraction and the price.

CBD oil for bipolar disorder

  1. Endoca

Endoca is one of the biggest and best sellers of CBD in the world. They are very expensive which is why I usually buy elsewhere, and why I offer you other hemp oil capsule reviews here.

But to mention their hemp oil capsules specifically, they definitely offer some of the best CBD hemp oil capsules you will find anywhere, and at a fair price. They also sell the strongest concentration of CBD in a capsule I have ever found.

Although they sell different strengths of hemp oil capsule, down as low as 300 mg of CBD, their flagship product is raw CBD hemp oil capsules, containing CBD, and CBDa. They are 100% certified and guaranteed, independently lab tested, and a container of 30 capsules contains 1500 mg of CBD, or 50 mg per capsule. This means most people will only need to take one, or maybe two capsules at a time of this premium product.

All three of these retailers sell the best hemp oil capsules available, in varying formats, and at varying competitive prices, to meet the needs of anyone who is looking to experience the benefits of both using CBD, and also get the convenience of being able to take CBD in capsule form.

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