What Are The Best Dry Herb Vape Pens 2019

If you’re looking to smoke cannabis using a vaporizer, then you’ve got a choice between finding the best dry herb vape pen, or the best vape pen for vaporizing wax or oil. For many people, especially traditional weed smokers, a good quality dry herb vaporizer is the best choice.

Some of the best dry herb vape pens can actually also burn oil, with the ability to also burn wax being less common. So it’s not necessarily a choice of either or, but what your preference is.

Whether you are an occasional smoker, or a daily cannabis user, then this quick and easy buyers guide to choosing the best vape pen for dry herb is essential reading.

We are going to look at all the benefits, and give you some tips and tricks on using a vape. In our previous article we reviewed the best cheap vape pens, in this article we will unveil the top three marijuana vape pens out there, including the best dry herb vape pen under 100$, with detailed reviews of each.

The Benefits Of Vaping

Unless you’ve been living in a cave then you’ll be well aware that smoking weed can be damaging to your health. Just like smoking cigarettes, the amount of health problems tobacco, and generally inhalation of burning substances into the lungs, have been linked with is phenomenal.

Which is why the world is turning to vaping in incredible numbers right now, both nicotine and weed smokers.

Even the most traditionalist of herb smokers can benefit from vaping if they choose the best dry herb vape pen. This is because you can still get the same experience, but much more safely, and in fact, much more effectively.

With a dry herb vaporizer, as long as you prepare the buds properly, the experience will be amazing. You will need to grind the cannabis to create as fine powder as possible, because this will allow a more even vaporization, meaning there is little waste, and less chance of an unpleasant burning experience.

As long as you take a few basic precautions, then vaping weed using a high-quality dry herb vaporizer is definitely safer, more efficient, and also more discreet. In fact, when you look at the benefits as a list, you may wonder why you never tried a dry herb vape before:

  • Stores the ground herb in perfect condition
  • Vaporization evens out and maximizes the experience
  • It’s safer than smoking
  • It’s far more discreet and less likely to cause legal problems
  • You have full control over the heat applied
  • vaping can concentrate and increase the intensity

best vape pen for weed

Why You Should Spend A Little More On A Marijuana Vape Pen

When you start looking for a dry herb vaporizer, you will be amazed at the myriad of different devices on the market. It can in fact be overwhelming, and you can wonder where you should put your money to get the best dry herb vape pen possible.

But as with anything, you usually get what you pay for. Yes, you can sometimes get a bargain, and some are definitely better than others, but when it comes to finding the best dry herb vape pen for your needs, the golden rule is to always spend as much as you can afford, rather than buying a low quality, cheap weed vape.

Are Cheap Dry Herb Vape Pens A Waste Of Time?

Considering word “cheap” is really like asking how long a piece of string is. There is no set answer, because everybody’s idea of cheap, and what they can afford, is different.

It’s no different when you’re looking for a vaporizer, cheap dry herb vape pens work, otherwise nobody would ever sell any. But you should always look for the best blend of features, build quality, reputation, and guarantees, to get the best marijuana vape pen.

So no, cheap dry herb vape pens are not a waste time, but the less you spend, the more you increase your chances of getting a poor quality product, and smoking experience. But as long as you follow a few golden shopping tips, you can avoid buying a dud.

Buyers Guide: Choosing The Best Dry Herb Vape Pen

When it comes to choosing the best vape pen for dry herb, you need to consider a few things before you start looking: 

  1. How long will you be using it each time?
  2. Where will you be using most?
  3. Is this going to be a personal vape, or something you share?
  4. Do you need to be discreet?
  5. How important is the “look” of the vape to you? 

If you’re going to using your dry herb vape pen at home predominantly, then you can go for a larger and more powerful model, maybe even a desktop model.

But if you going to use it mostly on the move, in public, in different locations, then something slimline and small, you can fit in your pocket easily, will be far more practical.

Generally, you will need to look at the following things when considering which marijuana vape pen is going to be best for your needs: 

  1. Will you be smoking in a session, or taking a few hits through the day? This will determine the size of the chamber (oven) you will need, although obviously the bigger the chamber, the bigger the vape.
  2. You’ll want to consider how discreet you need it to be. If you looking for something small, stylish and slimline, then it’s obviously not going to hold as much weed in it. If you’re going to smoke in a group with it, then again, that will affect your decision on capacity.
  3. A vaporizer works by heating the cannabis until it starts to turn to the vapor, but without burning it. In order to have full control over this, you’ll want a model with different heat settings. The more heat settings a model has, the better it generally will be, but with an increasing price.
  4. Battery size is also an important consideration. If you going to use it throughout the day, you will want to have a larger battery capacity, which will cost more. However, if you are using it from home, and don’t even mind using it on the charger, then battery size may not be a consideration at all.
  5. Extras are also important. For example, does it come with a case the locks in the smell? What’s the warranty like? Do you get spares, or cleaning kit?
  6. Performance is also going to be vital. You have two methods of heating, conduction and convection, to consider. Convection is often stated as the best for smoking weed because it’s a more even heat distribution.
  7. You also need to consider how long it takes for the vaporizer to heat up, better models heat up in as little as 15 seconds, while lower quality cheap weed vapes can take around a minute. 

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Top 3 2019 Dry Herb Vape Pen Reviews

  1. Storz & Bickel Volcano Mighty Vaporizer – The Best Vape Pen For Weed

If you’re looking for a dry herb vaporizer that can also offer the flexibility of being usable with concentrate, then the Volcano Mighty vaporizer is certainly one you should consider.

With its robust build and space-age looks, it’s certainly perfect for individual use, or to raise the experience when passing around.

You are also not just getting a vaporizer either, you get a grinding kit, cleaning accessories, spare screens, filling aid, 2 high-capacity batteries, and a mains power adapter. This is a complete kit that will allow you to get started straight away without having to spend any more money.

In terms of performance, it’s a very high-spec full convection heating vaporizer You also getting granular control over the heat, with a fully digital, incremental heat control system, which is easily used thanks to a large display and buttons.

So the Volcano Mighty is certainly a great option for anyone looking for a robust, high-quality and complete solution for dry herb vaping, but great quality comes at a great price, and it’s certainly not a cheap dry herb vape pen.


  • 5.5″H x 3.2″L x 1.2″D
  • 230 grams unit weight
  • Full spectrum 105-410F vaporization heat range
  • up to one minute heating time
  • Chamber holds up to 0.3 grams of fine ground herb
  • Large capacity battery
  • 2 year warranty


  • Very strong quality unit and component quality
  • Complete vaping kit in one
  • Impressive looks and digital heat controls
  • Runs through the day using the two fully charged batteries


  • Very heavy unit which may be suitable for some people
  • Doesn’t stand up for refilling so you will need to rest it against something
  • Premium price puts it out of range of some people’s pockets
  • Product
  • Photos

Made by Storz & Bickel, the new Volcano Mighty Vaporizer is sure to set the standard for portable vaporization. With double the battery life of its little sister the Crafty Vaporizer, the Mighty ...


  1. PAX 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer

This is another mid-to-high priced vaporizer that delivers outstanding looks, design and performance. You get what you pay for, and with the PAX 3 vaporizer, you also get the option of buying just the vape, or the vape with an extra kit for around $50 more.

The PAX 3 is going to be one of the best dry herb vape pen options for people on the move. It’s unit size is small, at just 3.87 x 1.21 x 0.85 inches. This puts it firmly into the portable category, and makes it ideal for use by men and women.

In fact, you can see from the marketing that the PAX 3 is designed very much with the modern young man and woman in mind. It shows them holding phones, and using headphones, and being out on the move. Its sleek, smooth and shiny design alongside a mobile phone make it look incredibly modern.

Not only is it’s small size ideal for women, but for both men and women, it’s available in a range of colors, which allows you to feel like you more personalizing your vape.

Performance is also good, with a high-capacity battery allowing around 10-15 sessions per charge. On the downside, the battery is internal and cannot be swapped. However, with the internal battery being a massive 3500 mAh, it shouldn’t be a limitation in normal use.

You also get 60 heat settings, giving you almost unlimited control over vaporization of the herb inside. Plus, average heat up time is 20 seconds or less, making it one of the best weed vape pen, especially in this price range. If you check out some dry herb vape pen reviews, you will see it’s always in the top 3.

So if you’re looking for a blend of portability, looks, performance, and build quality, then the PAX 3 is going to be difficult to beat at this great price.


  • 3.87 x 1.21 x 0.85 inches
  • 3500 mAh high-capacity lithium battery
  • 20 seconds or less heating time
  • 60 heat settings
  • Magnetic charging via USB dock
  • 10 year warranty


  • Great range of colors to choose from
  • Robust build quality
  • Size makes it suitable for men or women on the move
  • USB charging dock is high quality and convenient


  • Battery may be too limited for some heavier users
  • Modern design may not be one to pass around
  • Product
  • Photos

PAX 3 is the latest release from PAX Vapor, as their flagship vaporizer. The PAX 3 is packed with high-tech features such as- built in accelerometer, smartphone app control, over the air firmware ...


  1. Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Marijuana Vape Pen

If you’re looking for a vaporizer that combines incredibly modern looks, with space-age tech and build quality, then the Hydrology 9 is a dry herb vaporizer that will turn your head.

Built from space-grade anodized lightweight aluminum, and with a mouthpiece constructed from  borosilicate glass it certainly looks and sounds impressive. Even more impressive is that it is built around a patented “tunnel tube” that uses water to rapidly cool the vapor, for a more pleasant experience.

In terms of performance, it has a long life 2000mAh battery, that can last up to 15 sessions before needing a recharge. It’s also mains usable.

You get five heat settings, allowing you a good range of control over the heat you apply to the herb inside the chamber through a well-designed, even convection heating system.

It’s a complete kit as well, coming with a mains power adapter and USB charger, instruction manual, cleaning brushes, two extra screens, and an air intake adjustment tool.

So there’s no doubt that the Hydrology9 is a contender in terms of looks and performance. It’s quite a bulky unit however, at 7 inches high, which some people refer to as a “light saber”. It may not be as discreet as some people will need.


  • Unit is 5 inches tall
  • High-capacity 2000mAh battery
  • 5 setting heating control
  • LED indicator in water chamber
  • Average 30 second heating time


  • Incredible build quality
  • Well priced at the top end of the mid-price range
  • Patented cooling system delivers a fantastically smooth experience
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Produces dense clouds


  • Quite a large unit
  • Is only suitable for dry herbs and can’t cope with liquid
  • Bong-style use may put off people who want a vaping experience
  • Product
  • Photos

Hydrology 9 dry herb vaporizer by Cloudious9 Vapor is without-a-doubt the most technologically advanced vaporizer available. This visually and functionally impressive vape is made out of the highest ...


  1. Atmos Jump Vaporizer – Best Dry Herb Vape Pen Under 100$

If you’re looking for a cheap dry herb vape pen, then one of the best vape pens for weed you’ll find that sits well within the sub-$100 price bracket is the Atmos Jump vaporizer.

Now obviously you’re going to compromise on build quality, battery life and vape quality, but what you do get with this cheap weed vape is enough of everything to make it well worth the money.

It’s a pen design, dry herb vape, which makes it easy to hold in the hand, no matter who you are, even though it’s quite long at over 5 inches. It comes in a range of cool colors, and it can be loaded with up to 0.3 grams of ground herb.

A full charge of the 1200 mAh capacity battery takes a few hours, but you will get half a dozen sessions out of it once it’s charged. You can also use it while it’s still on the USB charger, removing part of that limitation.

It only has one heat setting, activated by a button on the top of the unit, and heat up time can be slow, plus it’s not going to win any design awards.

However, if you’re looking for a cheap dry herb vape pen, that is functional, durable, and a great first vape, occasional vape, or backup vape, then the Atmos Jump is ideal at such a low price.


  • H 5.75in, D .68in
  • USB charger
  • Cleaning kit
  • 1200 mAh battery
  • Five year warranty


  • Can be used with dry herb or oil
  • Five year warranty is superb for such a low-priced vape
  • Also includes a cleaning kit in the price
  • Good taste and cloud


  • Heat up time can be slow
  • Battery charging time and capacity limit it to occasional use
  • Build quality and robustness are much lower
  • Product
  • Photos

Atmos Jump is the best cheap vaporizer for dry herbs, it also compatible with essential oils. Made from carbon fiber. Comes with 1200mAh battery and temperature controll function.

$70.00 $59.95

Atmos Jump review cheap weed vape
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