Best Drug Test Shampoos 2019 – Do Hair Follicle Detox Shampoos Actually Work?

A hair follicle drug test is the toughest type of drug test to pass. The reason for that is simple, the hair records your drug history as it grows, and that cannot be removed unless you take drastic action.

That’s the reason why the hair follicle drug test is more expensive than a standard urine test, and why it tends to only be used by employers recruiting into management positions, or internally for more senior staff, and by law enforcement and the courts.

But if you are potentially facing a hair follicle drug test, then there are a couple of ways to pass. Simplest is just to find the best drug test shampoo out there and use that.

But hair drug test shampoos that actually work are a rare animal, which is why there’s so much money to be made selling crap to desperate people.

So let’s talk about what works and what doesn’t right now, so you can be one of the people who can rest easy knowing that you won’t be caught out in the same way.

Lets Deal With Home Remedy Hair Detoxing

The first thing we need to get out of the way is what won’t detoxify your hair and get you through a hair follicle drug test.

The first is the crazy idea that you can shave your head. If you do, the lab will just take a hair sample from another part of your body. If you shave your entire body, you’ll just look stupid and be sent home.

Alternatively, they will just send you away and report back that you failed through avoidance.

There are also crazy home remedies like baking soda and vinegar recommended. You see nonsense like that on forums all the time. I know for a fact that those people recommending that rubbish has never tried it, or have never taken a hair test because they would know it doesn’t work.

There are a couple of methods that work, which combine professional products with domestic products, but they are hybrid methods with the science behind them.

We’ll talk about them a bit in a little while.

How to pass a hair drug test

Drug Test Shampoos That Don’t Work

To understand when a detox shampoo won’t work, you have to understand how toxins get into the hair in the first place.

Basically, when you take any type of drug, the active ingredient is converted into metabolites, which pass around the bloodstream.

Some of these get trapped in the hair follicles. When the hair grows out of the follicle, it traps some of these metabolites inside it, forming an ongoing history of your drug use.

The only way to get rid of these metabolites from the strands of hair on your head, or indeed anywhere on the body, is to open up the hair and strip the toxins out. This isn’t easy, is invasive, and if you get it wrong, it can ruin your hair.

For a hair follicle detox shampoo to work it has to do two key things: 

  1. It has to open up the top layer of the hair strand, called the cuticle. This is composed of lots of overlapping scales which protect the hair, but which can also open up slightly as well, a detox shampoo has to be able to get these overlapping scales to open up as far as they can go.
  2. It has to have the cleaning power to remove the toxins trapped within the cortex, the hard strand layer underneath the cuticle. 

So the bottom line is you’re not looking at some $10 shampoo to achieve all that, while whatever you use has to be strong, but not harsh enough to destroy your hair at the same time.

From my own experience of trying them, seeing people I trust to talk about them online, and the testimonials of friends, products like these won’t work:

  • Sarken Nutritional Stat Hair
  • Test Pass Detox Shampoo
  • Synergy Detox Wash Shampoo

I had never even heard of the last one until I read about it on a forum the other day, which is partly what prompted me to write this piece.

Somebody was saying they used it as instructed for 3 days and then they still failed a hair drug test.

Looking at the manufacturer’s website, they claim it will completely cleanse your hair permanently in two days, obviously, that’s a fake claim when you look at the price and the ingredients and the evidence.

When stuff like this is happening, and people are still willing to buy crap, desperately trying to get through the worst type of drug test, then the responsible ones out there amongst us have to try and balance the information.

Synergy Detox Wash Shampoo

The Methods: Macujo & Jerry G

Before we talk about the best hair follicle detox shampoo you can buy, let’s talk about methods that involve them.

The two main ones are the Macujo method and the Jerry G method.

They both work along similar lines in principal. They use a mix of professional drug test shampoos, plus household products, to first open up the cuticles, strip the hair, and then condition the hair.

The Jerry G method is a little more invasive as it usually involves ammonia, which can really damage the hair. That’s why I’ve only ever tried and had success with the Macujo method.

Check out my detailed guide of the Jerry G and The Macujo Method.

The Top Three Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoos

Okay so massive drumroll. You can get a hair follicle shampoo that will detox your hair so that you can confidently submit a sample. You can also use these drug test shampoos as part of the Jerry G and Macujo methods, to get maximum protection.

  1. Original Formula Aloe Toxin Rid

There used to be a shampoo called Nexxus Aloe Rid. It was specially designed for swimmers to get rid of toxin built up in the hair from chlorine. It was meant to be only available through salons because it was very potent. Its active ingredients could really open up the cuticle helps to strip out all the toxins.

But it was so powerful that people wanted it domestically, and so it got sold to people at home.

After a lot of claims against the company, they withdrew it from the sale, and replaced it with a new, gentler formulation which was then sold through normal retail stores.

That upset the drug community because it was absolutely brilliant at getting rid of drug toxins.

You can still buy the old formula of Aloe Rid product, but it costs an absolute fortune. Thankfully, old-style Aloe Rid is now available from a company called Test Clear, who recreated the old formulation.

The new name of the product is “Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid”. Check out my Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo review or visit their webshop for more info.

It’s not cheap, but if you are up for a hair follicle drug test, then you are probably wanting to keep a well-paid job or stay out of court or prison, so 200 dollars is really a tiny investment.

It’s also a key component of the Macujo method. By using it as part of that, you can pretty much move your chances of stripping the toxins out of your hair to pass a test up close to 99%.

drug test shampoos

  1. Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo

The second best hair follicle detox shampoo is definitely the one called: Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo.

If you can’t afford Aloe Rid, and the Jerry G or Macujo method just seems too industrial and risky, then this is a good alternative that might just get you through.

It comes in two parts, a shampoo, and a purifier. You use both of them and it can keep you safe for up to 8 hours.

Clear Choice offers a 200% money back guarantee, plus claim it’s 99% effective within the eight-hour window. So for me, at that price, if you don’t have anything else available, then it has to be a great option.

You can purchase it on their official website.

clear choice hair follicle shampoo

  1. Zydot Ultra Clean

Zydot Ultra Clean is a third great choice. However, on its own many people say it’s not powerful enough to remove the toxins that are looked for in a hair follicle drug test.

It is a comprehensive product, however. It comes in three packets, shampoo, a purifier, and a conditioner. You use them in order to open up the cuticles, strip out the toxins and then condition the hair.

But obviously with people saying it might not be enough, on its own, it’s more of a gamble, but if it’s the only thing available, then you’ll have to go for it.

It is also a recommended optional last step of both the Jerry G and Macujo methods. Basically, you do the methods in the days leading up to your test, and then on the morning of the test, you use Zydot Ultra Clean drug test shampoo just to make sure.

The company clearly state it can only be effective 24 hours and offer a 100% money back guarantee on that basis. The problem with any guarantee, or going for a hair follicle test, is that you have to be incredibly careful you don’t re-contaminate your hair after treating it. For more info, check out my Zydot Ultra clean review .

You have to keep your head off your car headrest, don’t put your hoodie up, use a fresh comb, don’t let any particles of drugs or toxins get back onto your hair.

Zydot Ultra clean detox shampoo


So there you go, that’s everything you need to know about how toxins get into the hair, and what you can do to strip the toxins out and get through a hair follicle drug test. I’ve used it myself a couple of years ago, and all the evidence points to Test Clear Aloe Toxin Rid being the best choice as part of the Macujo method.

You can backup (recommended!!!) the Macujo method, or Jerry G, with Zydot Ultra Clean, as the last step as well, just to make sure.

None of this is cheap, and if simply can’t afford it, then the middle ground is to go for Clear Choice Hair Follicle detox shampoo which has a good track record of people saying it works on its own.

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