Best cheap weed vape -Atmos Jump Vaporizer review

For a long time, portable dry herb vaporizers were limited to poorly made gimcracks that ended up charring the herbs and leaving you poorer by a hundred dollars or so. Cut to today, a lot has changed in the market.

Dry herb vape pens have finally arrived and it is now possible to get a reliable and durable cheap weed vape pen that can give you thick flavorful vapor without the burnt aftertaste.

At the forefront is one of the most popular models among cheap weed vape pens, the Atmos Jump. The jump is being touted as the successor to the immensely popular Atmos Raw.

Apart from the ability to produce crisp and flavor-rich vapor, it also boasts of a very rugged and part-stylish construction that should last for a while without getting rusted and worn out.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer review

cheap weed vape While the Atmos Jump may not win any awards for its aesthetics, it does have an eye-pleasing appearance that is further accentuated when you hold it in your hands. It feels strong and durable. It is lightweight too thanks to the carbon fiber and is available in two color choices, black and gold.

The two piece design, with the battery chamber and the anodized metallic blue heating chamber, adds to the visual appeal and right on the middle of the casing, there’s the button which is shaped like the ‘Atmos’ logo.

This houses a dual color LED bulb that goes from ‘red’ when switched on, to ‘green’ when it is ready to use.

When charging, the charging port blinks red and also displays the serial number of the device.

One of the standout features which signals a marked improvement is the locking/twisting mouthpiece design. Unlike earlier vape pen models which had no option to lock the mouthpiece, the Jump lets you do that in a simple twisting motion.

Not a typical cheap weed vape

There has been a constant effort to make portable vaping devices more ‘cigarette’ like in terms of usage. The Jump takes you one step closer to it.

Using it is effortless. You unlock the heating chamber and fill it with approximately 0.2 grams of herbs, twist it to lock it and click on the button three times. The LED will now turn red and activate the heating vaporizer.

The LED turns green indicating that it is time to vape. You can then draw in from the mouthpiece.

There’s a Micro-USB port on the bottom of the device for charging and a full charge takes around 3 hours. It is powered by a 1200 mAh battery by the way.

The device lasts for at least 5 full sessions before it runs out .

The lack of complicated temperature controls and multiple buttons make the Jump a perfect starting device for novices.

Cleaning it is as easy as wiping it with a cloth.

The Vaping Quality

Atmos Jump reviewAtmos has spent a lot of time working on the Jump and it was expected to fill the void that was becoming apparent in the market.

It has been largely successful too.

At the core of the Jump is a convection vaporizer that does not burn or char the herbs directly. Instead, the herbs are vaporized evenly in the anodized ceramic heating chamber giving you the full flavor without the burnt aftertaste.

The burnt herbal residue is evenly brown in color. None of the herbs are left under-extracted.

Also, the heating chamber is just the right size. We have seen vaping devices with large heating chambers that only run through your herbs fast without giving you the flavor or the taste of the herbs.

Once the vaporization ends, it automatically stops.

That’s another neat feature and you don’t get dry hits at the end.

Best features of Atmos Jump

  • A stylish and durable metallic body
  • Available in gold and black
  • Minimalistic two-piece design with a mouthpiece and a heating chamber
  • Single button operation for ease of use
  • Single heating temperature
  • Reasonably fast charging time
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Convection unit that doesn’t char your herbs

To sum it up

Despite being a cheap weed vape, sturdy and offering an infallible dry herb vaping experience, the Atmos Jump is priced at a very reasonable $59. It is backed up by a 5 year warranty from Atmos RX and at this price point, it would be impossible to find a better dry herb vape pen. I hope you liked my Atmos Jump review, for more vape reviews click here.

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Atmos Jump is the best cheap vaporizer for dry herbs, it also compatible with essential oils. Made from carbon fiber. Comes with 1200mAh battery and temperature controll function.

$70.00 $59.95

Atmos Jump review cheap weed vape


3.1 Total Score
Atmos Jump Vaporizer

  • Compatible with dry herbs and oil
  • Best budget vaporizer for weed
  • 5 years warranty
  • It comes with cleaning toolkit
  • Excellent vapor taste and potency
  • Long battery life
  • Fast heat up time
  • Not compatible with wax
  • The metal chamber inside the pen can only hold 0.2 grams of preparation
  • A little larger than some other vape pens
  • Charging the battery can take up to 3 hours
User Rating: 3.09 (58 votes)
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