The Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Weight Loss

CBD hemp oil is being linked with benefits for almost everything, from alleviating physical pain, Psoriasis and other skin diseases , through to relieving anxiety. So when you hear about the benefits of hemp oil for weight loss that people are claiming, you’ll be understandably skeptical.

But you may be surprised to know that the reasons behind the claims of using CBD oil for weight loss are actually realistic and practical. On top of that, related scientific evidence does suggest that there could be a link.

Now don’t get carried away thinking CBD oil is a miracle weight loss product, it’s not. But the benefits of hemp oil for weight loss are increasingly real, and by reading on you can discover the evidence, learn how to use CBD oil for weight loss, and get some recommendations on where to buy the best quality CBD hemp oil.

How Can CBD Oil Target Weight Loss?

 So the big question to answer first, is how can CBD oil target weight loss. Is using CBD oil to lose weight a scam, or is there any evidence that seems to back it up?

The endocannabinoid system is an important neurological system in our body that been linked to the management of metabolism in our bodies. Evidence on this is in a stage of infancy, but it appears there is some evidence that compounds in the body can be stimulated by CBD, raising metabolization.

The key part of this interaction with metabolism is related to something called “fat browning”. This is immature fat, fatty cells, known as preadipocytes. Indeed, as we will discuss in a minute, researchers have found that CBD interacts in three different ways to stimulate proteins and genes in the body that break down fat.

There is another reason, a more emotional one, for CBD being linked to weight loss.

CBD is used by millions to regulate anxiety. Its interaction with receptors in the body lower stress levels, and are a godsend to people with anxious responses to everyday events.

So using CBD oil for weight loss is not just about how it could directly stop us eating too much, but also it can help with emotional eating. When you are depressed, anxious or upset, it’s far too easy to eat unhealthy, or to reach for large volumes of comfort food.

how much cbd oil for weight loss

Doesn’t CBD/THC In Marijuana Raise Appetite?

People associate marijuana with hunger, the munchies, but this has actually been disproven in recent years. In fact, CBD itself has been linked to appetite suppression. Better than that, it’s actually being increasingly linked to appetite regulation, the normalizing of appetite.

Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Weight Loss

The reason CBD could be an appetite suppressant, is that it interacts with the bodies endocannabinoid system. This system managers a range of physiological responses in the body, which include mood and appetite. Everyone knows that mood and appetite are both key to the volume of food we eat.

Although you might read that CBD can stimulate a normal eating response, what actually seems to be happening is it regulates the responses between the CB1 and CB2 receptors, normalizing appetite levels.

So if you need to eat more, it will help with that, and if you need to eat less, it can help with that message getting through as well.

So it appears to be a myth that marijuana raises appetite, studies have proven that regular smokers have lower BMI levels than non-smokers, and therefore increasingly it has to be accepted that CBD does not stimulate appetite levels above normal levels.

It appears CBD does factor in regulating appetite, so depending on what your body needs, CBD will help to regulate diet, and our emotional response to food.

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Evidence CBD Oil Can Help With Losing Weight?

It’s important to understand that scientific research into CBD oil use generally is in its infancy, but anecdotally the evidence is growing massively in many areas.

You also have to remember that the weight loss industry is worth around $70 billion, that’s in the USA alone, so there is a vested interest in continuing to push the products that currently fail, rather than allowing an affordable, natural oil to gain in popularity.

But what you cannot ignore, is that an increasing number of indirect scientific studies are finding key benefits of hemp oil use for weight loss. Let’s look at a few examples now. 

  1. In 2016, a Korean research team published a study that sent ripples of interest around the world. In it they convincingly showed that CBD could affect “fat browning”, which is related to immature fat cells.

They summarized that CBD could help to stimulate the proteins and genes in the body which deal with the initial processing of fat, while also causing a reduction in lipogenesis.

  1. A study in 2011 found a possible link between CBD use, and regulation of the CB1 receptor within the endocannabinoid system, that could help to minimize the development of something called metabolic syndrome. 

Metabolic syndrome can lead to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and an increased level of body fat. Because CBD is a CB1 receptor antagonist, they concluded that it could have a role in minimizing the syndrome.

Dosage:  How Much CBD Oil For Weight Loss?

Now, this is unfortunately where things are a little vague. Nobody can actually answer the question for you on how much CBD oil for weight loss is optimal. The problem is that everybody’s body and the response is going to be different, which means experimentation is the key.

The thing to remember is that CBD cannot cause problems, even at high volume. You can’t overdose on CBD oil. Some people in studies have taken several thousand milligrams per day, for months on end, and have not shown any negative side-effects.

On top of that, as little as 5 mg of CBD per day has had a positive effect on people suffering from anxiety, although that’s unusual, and a daily dose of around 20-50 mg is more common.

But in terms of dosing yourself with CBD oil for weight loss, the same as with most things in life, it’s best to start experimenting at a low level and work your way up.

You should also not give up after a few weeks. The effects of CBD take time to show and are incremental. On top of this, they shouldn’t be used in isolation. You will need to control calories and raise your metabolic rate through exercise. CBD oil is not going to be a miracle cure for losing weight.

So when it comes to getting the right dose, defining how much CBD oil you should take for weight loss, we would recommend starting with the dose of around 10 mg of high quality oil each day, as part weight loss diet program, adding 5 mg a week, until you reach a good level, say 100 mg per day.

Where To Buy The Best CBD Oil For Weight Loss

If you want to try exploring the possible benefits of hemp oil for weight loss, then you will need high-quality CBD hemp oil.

These are the things you should be looking for when purchasing CBD oil:

  • Extracted from industrial hemp
  • Uses CO2 extraction with no chemicals or solvents involve
  • Guaranteed full spectrum CBD
  • The stated amount of CBD per container in milligrams

We talked about dosage a minute ago. If you get good quality hemp oil, with a high dose of CBD in it, you could be using just a couple of drops each time. This makes it easy to administer in the mouth, or in any liquid. You could also buy capsules which don’t require any of this.

It’s always advisable to buy CBD oil from a reputable seller, who has a long track record in providing great quality CBD oil, and who offers guarantees. To give you an example, the following CBD oil products are very high quality and a great starting point for experimenting with CBD oil for weight loss:

best hemp oil for psoriasis treatment

  1. PlusCBDoil Drops

This product is a great starting point if you want to experience some of the best CBD oil for weight loss out there.

For a really good price, you get a 2oz dropper bottle, that contains 750 mg of full-spectrum CBD. That’s far more than you will find in most CBD oil products, allowing around 160 doses per bottle.

CBD oil is quite well known for not tasting great. You can get this product in natural flavor, but you can also get it with peppermint flavor, or in a deliciously fruity Goji blueberry flavor.

PlusCBDoil have great customer service and are even contactable by telephone. So if you’re looking for a good place to start experimenting with the potential benefits of using hemp oil for weight loss, then you don’t really need to look that much further.

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Your second best option if you want to start trying CBD oil for weight loss is the well-established brand PurCBD.

Their products are extremely high quality, although slightly more expensive than some other products available. But for your money, you get some of the best CBD oil around, with some of the highest amounts of pure CBD within it.

Two great examples are their CBD oil dropper bottles and CBD capsules. Although more expensive, in the CBD oil dropper bottle range, you can get between 250 mg and an incredible 1000 mg CBD.

Another option for convenience and avoiding the taste of CBD is their capsule range. You can get 750 mg/container, 30 capsules in each container for only 44.99$. It’s 100% natural, NON-GMO stuff!

Backed up by free shipping and excellent customer service, purCBD is certainly the place to start looking if you have a bit more money to spend, and want the best CBD products with an incredible amount of CBD in them.

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