Benefits of Marijuana to Treat Chronic Pain

Many people throughout the world suffer from chronic pain due to medical conditions or illness, and there is a need for better treatment options, such as marijuana and kratom.

Marijuana is a drug that has been around many years and although it is illegal federally, many states are allowing this popular plant as a treatment option for various medical conditions. Marijuana has several different health benefits to it including being used for glaucoma and pain.

For people in chronic pain, kratom and marijuana provide some hope and health benefits where other treatment options have failed. If you are a chronic pain sufferer then you need to look into all the possible health benefits using marijuana and kratom as a treatment option for pain.

The most common benefit of marijuana and kratom use for chronic pain is it is not an addictive treatment option. Most pain management consists of using opiates which are very addictive and marijuana provides another type of option.

Marijuana is not an addictive plant and the THC which is the active ingredient in marijuana is not addictive either. Some people do not want to go on opiate medications for pain management because they know the risk associated with becoming dependent as well as the risk of detoxing from the drugs after a prolonged period.

Marijuana does not contain any addictive chemicals so it can provide a more natural alternative to prescription pain medication and does not make you detox if you stop using it.

Opiates are a class of pain medication that can really help people but there are many people who do not want to take chemicals with such powerful brain-altering power and marijuana provides a safer body for those who have chronic pain.

Marijuana is also a better option for pain management because it alleviates nausea which is another common problem with analgesic opiate medications.

Opiates along with other pain medications can make a chronic pain patient feel very nauseous and this can have many negative consequences. If someone is taking medication and they are having severe nausea they might discontinue their pain management treatment altogether.

Marijuana is a well-known drug that makes people hungry and wants to eat as well as provide relief from nausea. Marijuana is used often in cancer-related treatments due to the fact it increases the appetite of the person who has gone through chemotherapy and makes them feel hungry to help them build their strength.Marijuana for pain

When someone is in chronic pain and uses opiate medications they might feel nauseous or like they do not want to eat, this can make the body weaker and weaken the immune system. Marijuana provides a safe and effective way to ease the pain while also providing relief from nausea and loss of appetite.

The amount of medication needed to treat chronic pain is also another great aspect of marijuana. If you have chronic pain you will need to take a certain number of pills per day to try to get relief from the pain, which can result in health problems relating to intake of the medication.

If you use marijuana instead of pain medication you can use just a small amount of marijuana to relieve your pain without having to smoke a whole lot.

Small amounts of marijuana do just as good or better than bigger amounts of marijuana which means you do not have to worry about increasing your dose. This is great because one thing about opiates that can be harmful is a tolerance you have after a while of taking the medication, where eventually you need to take more and more to feel just as good.

With marijuana however, you do not really gain a tolerance so your level of marijuana needed to relieve your pain stays pretty much the same.Marijuana for chronic pain

Using marijuana to treat chronic pain is also said to increase the quality of life for the patient by eliminating the needs of prescription pain medications. It allows the person who is in chronic pain to be treated without having to carry a bunch of pills around and risk the possibility of getting robbed or killed for their pain medication.

The marijuana helps muscle spasms and many diseases of the nervous system such as diabetes which can increase the quality of life for the chronic pain patient.

If you are in chronic pain you have to worry about running out of medication, having the medication with you, getting refills of the medication and so many other hassles. When you use marijuana for your pain management you still have to make sure you have enough to last you but you will not need to buy it nearly as often as you would pill or other pain medication.

Marijuana really just takes a burden off the shoulder of the chronic pain sufferer because it is just so much easier to deal with.

Economically, using marijuana to treat chronic pain instead of pain medication is cheaper for the chronic pain patient which is also a great benefit. Pain medications, especially like Oxycontin, can cost over $1,000 per month or prescription which is very costly.

A lot of times insurance companies will only pay a certain percentage of these pain medications and you are left to pay the rest of the bill, which in this economy is not easy to maintain. Marijuana is a cheaper more sustainable option for people who have chronic pain who might not have the money every month for those expensive pain medications.


Marijuana is also a lot of times grown locally to the establishment you would get the marijuana from which is a great economic boost to that location. The fact marijuana is a cheaper pain management option than pills is just another reason why it is becoming a more well-known treatment for chronic pain.

If you are in chronic pain you might also know of the many side effects from taking opiate medications such as constipation, dizziness, light-headed moments, drowsiness and other common problems.

If you use marijuana you do not have all of these side effects that are common among other medications used to treat chronic pain. The marijuana can be used in conjunction with opiates to help alleviate these symptoms or can be used by itself to eliminate the need for opiate pain medications.

The great thing about marijuana is you might get a little trip going on in your head for a moment, but overall you are functioning normally and do not have bad side effects.

Constipation and other side effects that are common in opiate pain medications can really make your life uncomfortable and it might take a while to your body to adjust to the medications.

When you use marijuana for chronic pain relief there is no wait to see how your body will adjust and you instantly feel relief without bad side effects.

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