Bali Gold Kratom Review: Effects&Dosage

The simplistic view of Bali gold kratom, is that it’s merely red vein kratom that has lost more of its color through an extended drying process.

But this isn’t the whole story. Gold Bali kratom actually has slightly different effects because of how it’s produced, although in terms of its composition, yes it is very close to the more widely available red vein kratom.

So is it worth experimenting with Bali Gold kratom? Or is it just a gimmick? In this Bali goal kratom review, I’m going to tell you all about Bali Gold, it’s effects, and whether can buy it at a reasonable price, or if you would be better off just getting your hands on some high-quality red vein kratom.

What Is Bali Gold Kratom?

Gold Bali kratom is red vein kratom grown on the island of Borneo. So generally, it’s no different to red vein Borneo or Bali.

However, that’s not the whole story. Sometimes also known as Borneo yellow vein, it’s the growing and drying process that creates different effects.

The trees in the region it is grown in have distinctive golden brown veins at certain points of the growing process. These come out more through an extended drying process. So basically, Bali Gold kratom is a more mature type of kratom, that goes through an extended growing and drying process.

Borneo kratom leaves are usually harvested when they are a lighter green. But more mature growing leaves grow darker and take on a golden hue. That’s the point of which they are harvested and then put through an extended drying process.

Which all means that you should be getting a more mature type of kratom, that has richer, smoother effects, because of how it’s grown and produced.

Gold Bali Kratom Effects

Gold Bali kratom, unsurprisingly, has similar effects to red vein kratom. Notably, painkilling and sedating effects.

So it’s not a euphoric strain of kratom, but even at moderate dose, it can act as a strong analgesic, and also a strong sedative. However, it does have uplifting qualities, with many people using it because of it’s ability to cover all the main kratom effects.

Gold Bali kratom is also often recommended because it can boost appetite. So some people take it to increase the appetite, when they want to bulk up in weight.

Also, because it is sedating, even a small dose can take the edge off anxiety. It induces relaxation, and allows focus. That’s why gold Bali kratom is often taken by students who are studying.

bali gold kratom effects

Gold Bali Kratom Dosage

As is common with all types of kratom, the effects you want are achieved up to a certain dose, and from that point on, they can become overwhelming.

So it’s all about moving up until you find the dose which is a “sweet spot” for the effects you want to achieve, while remaining free of negative side-effects

Generally, when it comes to getting the correct dose of gold Bali kratom, it falls into the following groups:

  1. Beginners dose of 1 gram
  2. Light dose of up to 2 grams
  3. Moderate dose up to 4 grams
  4. Strong dose up to 6 grams
  5. Overwhelming dose 7 grams or higher

So it’s recommended if you are thinking of experimenting with gold Bali kratom effects, that you start at the bottom of the scale, and work up through it. Most people tend to feel the full range of effects around 4 grams.

But this is not the same for everyone, and some people push on up to a very high dose and still retain positive effects, without them being overwhelming.

It all depends on the individual, in terms of how your interact with Bali Gold kratom.

In terms of negative side-effects, the more you take, the more chance there is of you experiencing some negative side-effects.

In terms of side-effects that might start to appear as you increase those, the main ones are nausea, upset stomach, and a feeling of unsteadiness.

Bali Gold kratom review

Where To Buy Bali Gold Kratom Capsules

Good quality Bali Gold kratom is actually very rare to get hold of. Most of it isn’t the real mature Bali gold, it’s sold as that at the premium price, but it’s really no different to the red Borneo kratom, it’s just been dried out longer to look more golden, it’s not from more mature leaves.

The only Bali Gold kratom I can recommend, that I’ve experiment with successfully myself, is in capsule form.


It comes from a company called, who are a very reputable online seller of kratom, and who I’ve often bought different strains of kratom from.

The great thing about their capsules, is each one is exactly 1000 mg. So you know exactly how many you need to take to get to each bracket of dosage.

Not only does this make it more controllable and safe, but you are less likely to suffer from side effects, and on top of that, you don’t have to taste the kratom, or prepare it in any way.

But if you don’t fancy trying to find Bali Gold kratom, if you think it’s too risky because of how it can be mis-sold, then you might be better off just buying good quality ultra enhanced Red Borneo or Red Bali kratom instead.

The overall effects are much the same, cheaper, and it’s far easier to get good quality red Bali kratom, than to get Bali Gold kratom.

A strain of red kratom that I’ve often found is very close to gold, in terms of its effects, is this red Bali powder, which is available from CoastlineKratom.

These guys are one of my “go to” trusted sellers. They always deliver high-quality kratom products, and I’ve never had a problem with purchasing or using the kratom they sell.

The bottom line here, as a conclusion to my Bali goal kratom review, is only go for Bali Gold if you get your hands on the proper stuff, preferably in capsule form.

But if you can’t, or you don’t want to take the risk, then a high quality red Bali or red Borneo kratom powder will deliver just as much, but with more certainty.

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