Athletes, Schools and Drug Testing

There are many reasons for drug testing in schools. I agree that students should be drug tested. Some children may have been into trouble with the law. Students who are on probation have to take a drug test randomly. That alone is a very good reason to test a student. The other students who are staying out of trouble are most likely paying attention in class.

A good portion of these kids are getting A’s and B’s. All students need to be drug tested in order to stay on track and do good in life.

Many employers are testing employees that work for them. So it is very important that students don’t start using drugs, because when they do, they might not be able to stop. If they are not able to stop, then they can’t get a job that has drug testing. This can, and will be a big problem for those who are using or even experimenting with drugs. What if they just want to try it to see what it is like? They might be hooked on it for life or become an addict.

They might never be able to get a job! That’s

Drug testing should be allowed in schools. Teenagers should be able to experiment with drugs and alcohol, but it should be done when school is not in session. Their parents just need to talk to them about drugs and alcohol, along with the dangers and outcomes of them.

They should just let their kids know that. Everyone experiments with something while going through their teen years; whether it is using drugs, drinking alcohol, having sex, smoking cigarettes, using smokeless tobacco, or even doing crazy things to get in trouble. If kids are doing some of these things uncontrollably, then their parents should test them and do something about it. Peer pressure is the biggest reason for students using drugs.

drug testing in school

They see sports jocks and the popular kids using them so they feel they should too. This is why we need to enforce drug testing in schools. If we could stop this era from using, then we could put a stop to a great percentage of students.

Drug testing for athletes is different than students that aren’t athletes. I believe that athletes should be drug tested. What is the biggest goal out there for athletes? They want to win!

They want the award that says they are the best, they want MVP, and they want rookie of the year. Athletes also want that big check after the game. This is why so many athletes use performance-enhancing drugs, but look at how they are being criticized and punished from there actions. If they use these drugs they are getting an advantage over the players who aren’t. It gets them that much is closer to that trophy, but what about all the people that work hard for their money and their awards. It just isn’t fair.

I think that all athletes should be tested. Hard work also pays off, but it doesn’t when the opponent isn’t working hard but is better than the ” Go Getter”.

Also, there are hazards of using illegal drugs and performance-enhancing drugs. Because drugs are so expensive, people often find themselves in a crime or even prostituting for money to get their drugs. Drug users lose their jobs, their children, their loved ones, and their home.

But even worse are the health hazards. Many drugs can cause damage to your body. I have seen a couple of my friends family members that use drugs; they have mood swings, and sometimes they look like they are dying. One is a meth addict and the other is addicted to heroin.

They were good people before they started using, now they have scars on their faces from scratching at imaginary bugs. The other has had a staph infection in his arm from using a dirty needle and had to have some of his muscle and skin removed.

Drugs that make you hallucinate can make your mind so different that you may never be the same again. Students have the right to their privacy, and for what they do in their free time, but I believe that being an athlete is a privilege and should be tested. Drug testing will keep students in school and on the right track for a good life.

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