Are There Links Between Brain Functionality, Coffee and Cannabis?

Many people use cannabis during the day. This often leaves them feeling tired and lethargic. A recent study detailed more information about the relationship between cannabis, coffee and brain function. Even if you’re not a fan of coffee, you’ll want to learn about the study and its findings. You’ll be able to do just that below.

The Relationship Between Cannabis And Coffee

At this point in time, there is very little research as to how cannabis communicates with the human body. In fact, there are far more questions than answers. This is also true for coffee. However, there is far more research as to how coffee interacts with the body.

There is a lot of conflicting research about coffee. Some studies claim that coffee can increase your risks of mortality, while others believe that coffee may offer some health benefits. The studies are subjective and offer little in terms of a reliable conclusion.

Coffee is packed full of many different compounds. When you drink coffee, the metabolic activities are going to blur the links and make it difficult to determine the real cause and effect. This also rings true for cannabis. Cannabis contains a mixture of cannabinoids, resins and terpenes.

The THC and CBD found in cannabis are going to cause many cellular and metabolic reactions inside of the body.

There is no doubt that people need to learn a great deal more about cannabis. Thankfully, it is nice to say that studying one will ultimately help teach you more about the other.

The recently released study confirms that cannabis and coffee work with the same system within the body to deliver the effects that people love so much.

Since cannabis is considered a schedule 1 narcotic, it can be difficult to find funding to research the drug and its impact on the body.

Researching coffee is much easier. While this won’t give researchers exact details, it could prove to be a good starting point. After all, coffee and cannabis share a handful of similarities. The new study supports this statement.

weed and coffee

The Study

The study was carried out at Northwestern University. It was headed by Marilyn Cornelis. The study was published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. Its sole purpose was to look at the ways coffee can manipulate internal chemistry.

The study involved 47 individuals in Finland. It was carried out over a period of three months. Over that period of time, the participants gradually increase the amount of coffee they consumed from zero to eight cups per day.

The researchers have the intention of measuring the metabolites in the blood at each specific stage. Their findings are pretty amazing.

So, what did the study find? Well, it was discovered that the connection between brain functionality, cannabis and coffee was actually the ECS or the endocannabinoid system. This is nothing more than a network of neurotransmitters and cell receptors.

It is responsible for regulating many bodily processes and functions. As you should already know, it is the CB1 and CB2 receptors inside of the endocannabinoid system that will interact with the phytocannabinoids found in cannabis.

Some of the specific cannabinoids will be very active in the body. This includes THC. When these cannabinoids connect or bind to the receptors, they’ll cause a handful of reactions throughout the body and brain.

One of the most notable reactions is the release of chemicals that cause the euphoric high. This can also cause some non-psychoactive reactions, such as decrease swellings.

The study found that coffee works in a similar manner as cannabis. Both will play on the body’s endocannabinoid system in one way or another. This could be very important in the long run. And it could help people between understand the connection between cannabis, coffee, metabolism, brain function and other things.

The Importance

While the study doesn’t say a whole lot, it is far more important than you could ever imagine. Cornelis summarizes the study by insisting that there are many new routes that coffee can impact health. Now, it is his goal to determine how the changes will ultimately impact the body.

There is no doubt that further research is needed to better understand the connection between coffee, cannabis and the endocannabinoid system.

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