Apple Cider Vinegar Drug Test Method

People try a lot of staff to pass a drug test. Many recommend the apple cider vinegar drug test method, both to detox the system to pass a urine test, and using apple cider vinegar to pass a hair drug test.

So is it possible to do an apple cider vinegar drug detox, to pass a hair or a urine drug test, or is it an urban legend?

I’ve been around the topic of passing drug tests for several years now, and have passed quite a few myself, so I know how to look into these things and test them. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the apple cider vinegar drug test method in detail, and see if you could pass a drug test using it.

What Is The Apple Cider Vinegar Drug Detox?

The apple cider vinegar drug detox is actually two different things, so first let’s talk about a vinegar drug detox in the context of passing a urine test.

The idea is that apple cider vinegar has the ability to flush out drug toxins. You’ll find several methods online telling you to basically glug down liters of water each day, plus a load of apple cider vinegar, with the idea of flushing out the toxins.

Now you might achieve that with all the water you are told to drink. That your sample will certainly be rejected for being too diluted, it will be blatantly obvious that you flushed out your system.

On top of that, the truth is apple cider vinegar is acidic. Acid actually slows things down in the digestive tract, and there is no link between acid and an ability to draw toxins out of the urinary tract more quickly.

All you’ll do is feel sick and still fail a drug test drug test, which will make you feel even sicker.

Does Vinegar Clean Your System In 24 Hours?

The question that should really be asked does vinegar clean your system at all, let alone does vinegar clean your system in 24 hours.

No, vinegar can’t clean your system out 24 hours. It can’t clean your system out at all, in fact, it’s worse than just using plain water because of its acidity.

Apple cider Vinegar drug test

Using Apple Cider Vinegar To Pass Hair Drug Test

The other way people claim you can pass a drug test is to use apple cider vinegar to pass a hair drug test.

The theory here is that you wash your hair with it, and the acid content strips out the toxins.

There is a partial truth in this. Vinegar is part of something called the Macujo method, which can pass a hair drug test.

But it’s only part of the formula. Unless you use a combination of products to open up the scales on each strand of hair, flush out the toxins, and then close the scales back down, then you can’t achieve the elimination of toxins.

So on its own, using apple cider vinegar to pass a hair drug test is another old wives tale.

Alternatives To Apple Cider Vinegar Drug Test Method

If you want to pass a urine drug test, then the apple cider vinegar drug test method is one to forget. The things you can use that will pass a urine drug test are:

  1. Synthetic urine

A good quality fake urine like Sub Solution or Spectrum labs Quick Fix will work every time.

The only challenge you have is getting them to the right temperature and keeping them there, and Sub Solution particularly has an ingenious solution to this by using heat activator powder.

Synthetic urine kit

  1. Detox drinks

If you don’t fancy submitting fake urine, you could always try a high-quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse or Ultra Eliminex.

These will not only flush out the toxins as water does, but they also drag more toxins out than water, and they also contain a complex formula of nutrients that will replace those lost. This means your sample will still appear natural when they test it for validity.

Rescue Cleanse review

  1. Use detox pills

The third way you can pass a urine drug test that doesn’t involve messing around with apple cider vinegar is to use detox pills as part of a natural detox. The only ones I would ever recommend are called Toxin Rid.

They can accelerate the elimination of toxins by up to 50%, as long as you are doing a natural detox at the same time. This means you could be completely clean in as little as five days. But never believe anyone who tells you can be clean in less.

Toxin Rid detox pills

  1. Passing a hair follicle drug test

In terms of passing a hair follicle drug test, you can use the Macujo method. This method uses a combination of products that have the ability to open up the scales on the hair strands, rinse out the toxins, and then close the scales back up and condition.

This allows you to submit a hair strand sample that appears natural and is completely toxin free. It’s not cheap, but works.

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