Antioxidant Effects Of Kratom– Protecting Against Free Radicals

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is notable for putting pressure on the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to put a ban on Kratom, Mitragyna speciosa, The DEA responded by alleging that the drug was a “synthetic substance.” However, this has not prevented some people from questioning the effectiveness of Kratom and its many capabilities, when utilized as a natural remedy.

While literature about Kratom’s natural anxiolytic and analgesic properties is readily available, it is lacking when it comes to Kratom’s antioxidants. Several studies have probed into Kratom’s chemical composition, including its bioavailability and active alkaloids.

Breaking Down Kratom’s Antioxidants

Antioxidants, a substance capable of inhibiting oxidation, can potentially fight off free radicals responsible for diseases, including cancer. Creating the perfect balance between antioxidants and free radicals is a necessity to ensure proper physiological function. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals, when the body can no longer regulate them. When this occurs, the proteins, DNA and lipids will be altered, which in turn will trigger a variety of diseases.

According to a Longecity, Kratom has more antioxidants than green tea, making it more effective in protecting the human body against a broad range of diseases.

In a US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health study, researchers set out to find a link between Kratom’s antioxidants and cancer. The study revealed that Kratom’s analogues have the potential to be effective anticancer, chemopreventative and antioxidant compounds. It was also named as one of “the top 12 cancer prevention strategies”.


Kratom And Cognitive Impairment

Unfortunately, not all Kratom studies have rendered positive results. According to an animal study, exposure to mitragynine can potentially cause impaired memory consolidation, retrieval, and passive avoidance learning. The researchers believe mitragynine disrupts “cortical oscillatory activity,” such as theta and delta rhythms, in the brain.

What Are The Professionals Saying About Kratom?

If you have ever heard about Kratom, you have probably without a doubt heard about all the overdoses and deaths that have been propagated by the fake news media outlets. This is why some of the world’s premier experts have decided to weight in on the subject and they truly have nothing but exceptional things to say.

Dr. Phil Schoenwetter, MD, a Southern-based California doctor, did some research on Kratom and decided to publish his findings. He discovered that the supplement worked wonders when it came to migraines. The doctor’s wife, who is a 35-year-old female, suffers from terrible migraine headaches that usually require strong pharmaceutical treatment, but Kratom completely changed all that.

The doctor and his wife first discovered the supplement when they were fueling their SUV late one evening at a Chevron Station in Nevada. When his wife went in to pay for the fuel she noticed that the lady in front of her purchased a packet of Kratom.

Curious as to what this was the doctor’s wife asked and the kind lady responded that she took these pills to help deal with her midlife aches and pains. In addition to this, she informed the doctor’s wife that the pills didn’t leave her lingering with any adverse side effects.

Surprised by the response, the doctor’s wife decided to purchase a packet and consumed one capsule.

The doctor, who has been in practice since 1978 has never heard of Kratom, but he did note that 60 miles down the road his wife felt tremendous and didn’t get the loaded effect that she does when she normally has to consume morphine for her migraines.

In fact, his wife was feeling so great that she took the wheel and drove for the next 165 miles of their trip.

This is when Dr. Phil decided to research this powerful natural supplement even further so that he could get a better understanding of its ingredients and mechanisms. His hopes were that he could eventually start implementing this powerful agent to his own personal patients.

The doctor went on to discover that there were tons of adverse reactions to individuals taking Kratom. All the writings he found were ranting and raving about adverse side effects, deaths, and overdoses associated with the drug, but the most powerful side effect that the doctor has ever encountered is heartburn.

Dr. Phil is not the only one who decided to publish his findings, as a psychopharmacologist from Tampa by the name of Dr. Ray Estevez also decided to publish his discoveries. Dr. Ray Estevez went on to say that he has worked with a variety of good and bad drugs over the years.

He has recognized what a burdensome of these bad drugs have had on society, and Kratom is not one of these bad drugs.

When he discovered all the misconceptions and lie surrounds Kratom he was truly surprised, as this plant has been used for a number of years to provide a variety of beneficial effects to suffering individuals throughout the world. Dr. Ray Estevez stated that the most shocking thing that he discovered was the legislations quick response to ban Kratom without even looking into all these claims.

The doctor said that so much of the negative hype surrounding this plant has to do with the incorrectly trumped up claims that this is a mind-altering substance like spices or bath salts.

A variety of other medical professionals have also quickly come to the defense of Kratom over the years. One of the most noted had to be Dr. Josh Axe, who is a commonly featured guest on the ever-popular Dr. Oz show. Dr. Josh Axe highly boasts on the powerful pain relief and energy-boosting benefits that Kratom can provide.

He also stated that the way it helps abusers kick nasty opioid and pain killer addictions is truly remarkable.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, Kratom really can be great for so many different individuals for a variety of reasons. Along with this, you are probably now more informed than you have even been when it comes to Kratom. Whatever the situation is, it is always imperative to take Kratom responsibly by making sure that you only take the prescribed dosage at the prescribed times.

This will not only prevent adverse side effects, but it can prevent chronic usage, as well.

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