Using Akuamma Powder: Dosage & Effects

There are so many substances out there which have been used for centuries, and that are highly beneficial, but which in the West are unknown, or viewed with suspicion. Akuamma is one of those substances. Usually ground into akuamma powder, it’s now being thought of in the same bracket as kratom.

What’s the truth here? Are akuamma seeds effects similar to kratom, and is it worth investing time and money in? Do they help with pain relief and opiate withdrawal symptoms as well as kratom?

In this post I’m going to tell you exactly what akuamma is, how it compares to kratom, what dosage you should take, and importantly, where you can buy very high-quality ground akuamma seeds.

What Is Akuamma?

Akuamma is very little heard of in the West, even in comparison to kratom. Akuamma powder is created from the seeds of the Picralima nitida tree, otherwise known as the akuamma tree.

The powder contains an alkaloid called vincamajoridine, which on average accounts with just under 1% of the total.

Interestingly, unlike kratom which is an opiate-like opioid agonist, akuamma is an opioid antagonist. The difference means that kratom interacts with the mu-opioid receptors, where as akuamma directly binds to them, but does not activate them.

Akuamma Effects & Dosage

The interaction of akuamma alkaloids is not severe, despite what its direct binding to the opioid receptors might suggest.

In terms of general akuamma effects, they are not as pronounced as kratom. However, because it binds directly to the opioid receptors, it is very suitable for targeting withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate use.

As well as minimizing cravings for opiates, the alkaloids in akuamma have been very strongly linked to anti-inflammatory pain relief. It has been used for centuries to dull pain.

This is due to the second alkaloid in akuamma called pericine. This has been found to have pain relief quality that is up to 6 times more powerful than codeine.

In terms of dosage, most people take up to 4 g daily. Intense results can be felt with a higher dose r than this, but if you are just looking for mild pain relief and opiate withdrawal relief, a couple of grams a day is usually enough.

akuamma powder

Akuamma Vs Kratom

Crucially, you’re not going to get an overwhelming euphoria on akuamma. People are increasingly using it for calmness, pain relief and to deal with the effects of opiate withdrawal.

Generally, unless you take a massive akuamma dosage, akuamma is not in the same league as kratom. Kratom is far more potent, and has a far greater range of effects.

But sometimes it’s difficult to pin down the exact quantity and type of kratom you need to take if you are looking for pain relief, mild sedation and to specifically target opiate withdrawal symptoms.

That’s why many people are now looking at akuamma powder as an alternative to kratom, because of its simplicity. There is only one type, and it’s simply a case of taking a dose that matches your needs.

It’s also fully legal, there’s no gray legal areas, and it’s not under the same campaign of targeting by the FDA and FBI that kratom currently is under.

On top of that there aren’t multiple strains, multiple strengths, multiple effects. Akuamma hits a certain group of responses, and the more you take, the more it does that.

Akuamma Side Effects

The side-effects of akuamma are not as severe as kratom, especially at higher doses. However, generally the two powders have similar basic side effects:

  • Upset stomach
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Unsteadiness
  • Muscle pain

However, it appears that less people report side-effects than when using kratom, although that could be because less people are currently using it, or are using less of it.

The thing is, that people take akuamma for a different reason to kratom in most cases. They don’t want to completely drop out or get euphoria, they are looking for pain relief and calmness.

Where Are Akuamma Seeds For Sale?

Although you can buy akuamma seeds and powder from headshops and some general online stores, including Amazon, if you want high-quality akuamma then I would only ever recommend you get them from a specialist online retailer.

These online specialists tend to be the same people who sell incredible kratom, because they know the target market, they have great quality wholesale contacts, and they have a pride and knowledge that general sellers can’t match.

The first place I’ll recommend buying it from is a company called BuyKratom. These guys sell high quality kratom, it’s good value for money, and they sell every type you can imagine. They now also sell very good powdered akuamma and seeds as well.

Akuamma powder

So if you’re looking for akuamma seeds for sale in powder form, then is a brilliant place to buy it. They have free shipping, and a full moneyback guarantee.

But especially if you’re a beginner, I’m going to recommend another store as well. The thing is, akuamma powder tastes disgusting. It makes kratom powder taste like chocolate.

Which is why am going to recommend These guys already sell brilliant quality kratom in capsule form. Well now, you can buy 50 capsule packs of akuamma from them as well.

Although it’s slightly more expensive to do so than buying loose akuamma powder, it’s incredibly convenient, which makes sense if you are on the move during the day. Because you not getting smashed on these, you just want for pain relief and withdrawal symptoms, capsule form really helps with controlling that dosage.

Plus, you don’t have to suffer the incredibly bitter taste of akuamma powder. If you’re looking for high-quality akuamma capsules, then KratomCapsules is definitely my recommended online store.


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