All About Akuamma Or The Picralima Nitida Tree

A Brief History

Akuamma or the Picralima Nitida Tree has been around for an incredibly long period of time. The seeds are commonly used to treat a wide range of medical conditions in West Africa. While the exact origins are unknown, it is clear that this seed had been used frequently in Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and other African regions.

It is primarily used as a folk medicine and is believed to be capable of serving as a holistic pain reliever.

Akuamma is also frequently used as an anti-inflammatory. At some point in the past, a hospital located in Ghana began manufacturing Akuamma power. This resulted in a significant amount of research being conducted on the herb.

Today, Akuamma is still widely used in West Africa. It is popular in the area for its ability to combat fibromyalgia, diarrhea and pain.

The Pharmacology

The most important components of the seeds include two alkaloids, akuammine and pericine. Akuammine is considered to be an indole alkaloid. Akuamma seeds and the powder will contain significant amounts of akuammine.

This specific alkaloid is incredibly important. It behaves like an anti-inflammatory and an antipyretic. When it comes to the seed power, akuammine had 0.56% volume. Akuamma is also used for alleviating the withdrawal symptoms associated with opiates. It is effective for this purpose, because of the pericine. This specific alkaloid will bind to the user’s mu opioid receptors.

Akuamma Can Be A Good Alternative For Opiates

Over the years, researchers have worked diligently to find a good alternative for opiates. They have discovered a handful of potential alternatives with Akuamma being one of the most popular. The Akuamma seed is widely known for its ability to dull pain.

On top of that, the seed is also capable of helping the user kick an opiate habit. Since this specific seed is considered an opioid receptor agonist, it works exceptionally well for these reasons.

The alkaloid pericine is considered to be six times more powerful than Codeine. It is also thought that it may possess some anticonvulsant properties. Therefore, Akuamma seeds are a good option for people that suffer from restlessness. It may also be able to help prevent seizures, which may be common with opiate withdrawal.

Akuamma seed powder

Akuamma Delivers Numerous Benefits

It is widely believed that Akuamma can actually help combat malarial activity. The seeds are frequently used around the world to combat malaria and diarrhea. However, the benefits do not stop there. The seed is also effective for combating intense, chronic pain. It can also help push blood pressure downward.

As more research is conducted, there is a good chance that researchers will find even more uses for Akuamma.

Akuamma And Kratom Similarities

Kratom and Akuamma are very similar in numerous ways. Both can behave like an opiate receptor agonist. They also impact the same receptor sites. The effects are pretty much identical across the board. However, there is one minor difference. Akuamma tends to deliver weaker effects than Kratom. Akuamma contains a handful of alkaloids, which are not found in Kratom.

When attempting to choose between akuamma and kratom, the user will really need to make a personal preference decision. Some will prefer Kratom, while others will like Akuamma.

Differences Between Kratom And Akuamma

It is vital to understand that there are many differences between the two. As mentioned above, Akuamma tends to deliver mild effects. However, those results are usually longer lasting. The legality of Kratom has been debated frequently. This is not a problem with Akuamma.

The seeds are completely legal to buy and use. With Akuamma, there are no strains to worry about. With Kratom, there are many different strains. Another thing to note is that most Kratom strains are more expensive than Akuamma seeds. Kratom is not available everywhere. In fact, it may be difficult to find certain Kratom strains.

Despite the many differences, the final decision is really up to the user. To find out which one you like best, it is often wise to experiment. Try both and see which one you prefer the most.

Dosage And Consuming Akuamma

Akuamma is pretty simplistic. Users should always consume around two to four grams. It is possible to take six grams to achieve the most intense results possible. It is widely believed that 1.5 grams will be enough to help the patient obtain pain relief.

Another thing to understand is that there are tons of ways to prepare akuamma. Just remember that you’re going to need a good scale. Whether you have the seeds or the powder, you’ll need accurate measurements. Since akuamma is pretty bitter, it is often best to combine it with Goji berry. If you make a drink out of the akuamma, you can combine it with lemon juice.

Using a coffee grinder is really the best way to grind up the seeds. Nevertheless, there are many other ways to turn the seeds into a powder.

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Side Effects Of Akuamma

Just like any other over-the-counter or prescription drug and herbal supplement, Akuamma has side effects. The side effects will range anywhere from mild to moderate, depending on the dose.

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Upset stomach

It is important to note that not everyone reports experiencing all three of these side effects. In fact, most users who report side effects will only be plagued with one or two. The great benefits of Akuamma is it does not have lethal side effects and are more likely to be experienced in individuals who consume more than 10 grams in a single dose.

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Where Can I Buy Akuamma Seeds?

Anyone looking to purchase Akuamma seeds should know that they are now widely available at head shop and online stores.

Supernatural Botanicals is an extremely well-known site that sells these seeds in bulk and they can range anywhere from $24.99 and up, depending on the size of shipment that you are looking for.

Some other online vendors are World Seed Supply and Herb Stomp. World Seed Supply offers seed in bulk and smaller packages. Some of the smaller packages can start at $9.99, whereas the bulk orders can go all the way up to $120.00.

Herb Stomp offers packages as small as ½-ounce, which costs right around $6.00. Herb Stomp is becoming more and more well-known because they are now accepting venmo as well as a variety of other different credit cards.

If you want to purchase Akuamma seeds just make sure that you are doing your own independent research until you find a vendor that you are 100% comfortable with.


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