About Me

I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging or wearing a badge that flashes “I know what I’m talking about”, but I did work in a headshop here in California. Been here for a couple of years, and really love the vibe and the people I mix with every day. I’ve got a lot out of it in terms of knowledge, rather than just being a stoner.

I reckon in the past decade I’ve managed to successfully get through at least 10 drug tests for employment. My first employer was a complete bitch, they tested randomly and aggressively, and I learned a lot, especially from the people who failed.

So I know a bit about all this, and I also know what good weed is, and what good products are. I’ll be honest we sold some crap and I hate that, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you what really works in terms of detox drinks, synthetic urine, stuff like that. I’ve tried most of it and done some testing with home kits is to make sure. I’m that type of guy.

I’m always chatting to people, every day, most of its random rubbish, but I do pick up a lot of stuff about how people have dealt with drug testing. Every person who fails is education for me, which I want to pass on to make sure others learn as well.

I guess I’m into most stuff, but I love kratom, salvia, a few shrooms, and a lot of marijuana.

That’s a bit about me, and what I’m hoping to bring to writing here.

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