A Guide For Making Cannabis Infused Honey

It is possible to make a wealth of edibles using cannabis. Some are more versatile than others. Some will argue that the best of the bunch is cannabis infused honey. It will give you the ability to reap the rewards of the cannabis and the honey. Within this guide, you’re going to find basic tips for making honey that has been infused with cannabis.

Why Honey?

Again, some cannabis infused edibles are more versatile than others. Cannabis tends to be one of the most versatile. After all, it can be applied to an abundance of food items. You can put it in your tea or coffee. You can even add it to cookies.

More importantly, honey has some health perks of its own. It is very good for staving off allergies. Add this to the health benefits of cannabis and you can guarantee that your cannabis infused honey is going to deliver big.

Decarboxylation Is A Must

Once you’ve gotten your weed, you’ll probably want to begin creating the honey right away. You cannot. The raw weed is not going to be psychoactive. You need to make it active or you’re going to be wasting your time and energy. This is where decarboxylation enters the picture.

This process is going to trigger the weed and make it psychoactive. How do you achieve this? You just need to make sure that the weed is baked in advance. This will unlock its magical goodness.

What Else You’ll Need

After that, you’ll need to collect a handful of other supplies. They’ll be listed below for your consideration.

  • A slow cooker
  • At least 15 grams of marijuana
  • Two cups of honey
  • String
  • Jar with lid
  • Cheesecloth

Remember that you can always adjust the quantities to get the precise amount of honey that you want or need. Once you’ve got everything you need, it is time to get started.

Getting Started

When you’re ready to begin, you should take the marijuana and put it in the cheesecloth. Make sure it is closed with a piece of string. Then, it can be placed into the jar. Add the honey to the jar as well. Once you’ve finished this step, it is time to pull out the slow cooker.

Put the jar in the slow cooker and add enough water to ensure that the honey is surrounded. Put the lid on and begin cooking on low. Be sure to let it cook for at least 8 hours. Check on the mixture occasion to ensure that the jar doesn’t have too much pressure.

Finishing It Up

After the mixture has cooked for a sufficient amount of time, you’ll want to finish everything up. Turn off the cooker and allow the honey to cool. Once it is cool to the touch, you can begin squeezing the honey from the cheese cloth.

Remember that you should never get rid of the cheesecloth. It may contain precious THC and it could be used to steep tea. Secure the lid and let the jar cool in the refrigerator. Now, you can enjoy your weed honey!

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