5 Things that Are Great to Do Stoned

The consumption of marijuana is used for many different reasons by millions of people around the world. That’s right, millions of people.

So whether it’s for the unbelievable cerebral effects of the high or if it is used for medicinal purposes, cannabis definitely has some great benefits. For me, I simply smoke marijuana to get high, really high. I love the effect of the high, and how it makes everything (I mean everything), feel so much more enjoyable.

That is, unless your in one of them really messed up situations, like getting pulled over by the cops. Because, for me, you can kiss my high goodbye. I feel like I took some pill to get me straight (That’s is after the whole situation is over). But getting back to the more enjoyable reasons, here are 5 of my favorite things to do when I am stoned.

5 Things That Are Great To Do Stoned

Listen to Music – I am a DJ, so music is pretty much my life, but smoking just takes it to that next level. It makes me feel like the beat pumping through my body, getting me so much more into it.

Play Video Games – This is one of the most popular things, that people do when they get high, play video games. It just makes you feel like your really a part of the game, enhancing the experience, so much. For me, there is nothing like smoking and going online, to tear it up on Black Op’s.

playing video games when you are stoned

Watch a Movie – This is a really great one to do, especially, if it is going to be a movie that you really don’t care to watch (you know what I mean guys). It basically can make the worst movie, get so much more interesting or exciting, making the whole situation turn around and become enjoyable. So if it can do that, just imagine how it is to watch a really good movie, especially a good comedy. It will make you laugh till your stomach hurts, or it starts to make you cry, from laughing so much.

Eat (Munchies) – This one definitely goes hand and hand with smoking, especially since some time after you get high, you always seem to get hungry. Did anyone say munchies? Either way, no matter what the reason, the food just taste so much better. In some cases, it will actually seem, like it is the best thing you ever ate in your life. It’s great to spark up in the parking lot of a restaurant (obviously in your car) , and then go in for an unbelievable meal, and good time.

Sex – This one I saved for last, but it def-initely my favorite. Just as with anything else that marijuana enhances, having sex or making love so I don’t offend anyone, is defiantly one of them. As we all know, (or at least should) it is a very sensual act to begin with, and weed just takes it to unknown levels.

It is definitely a benefit for those who are, or are with someone that isn’t that great in bed, because it will definitely help make it feel like they really improved on their performance. Just remember, it will most likely not be as good too you when your straight anymore, so your going to have to make up for the difference. That’s right really get to work.

So, no matter the reason you like your buds, you know exactly what I am talking about. Everyone has there own thing, but I can almost guarantee that Sex, is on everyone’s list. That goes for you too ladies, it’s not just us men, so don’t act like it isn’t. Either way, remember no matter what you are going to do, enjoy yourself, and stay safe.

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