5 Cannabis-Based Products That Will Make A Huge Splash In 2019

It is true that cannabis is becoming more and more legal every year. In fact, there are now more politicians and lobbyist vouching for the legalization of the substance than ever before. The substance has even reached the suburban neighborhoods, as there was one mom that had her on edible business and grew to make millions.

With such a saturated market it seems like more and more cannabis-based products are being put on the market every day. So, which ones are going to make the biggest splash in 2019?

The Rise Of Cannabis Oil

The sale of cannabis oil is no doubt on the rise and will only continue to rise as time goes on. And, this is specifically due to its unique versatility. The versatility of the substance is what people are seeking when they want a legal substance that they can consume.

Since these oils contain low amounts of THC and high amount of CBD one can get all the medical benefits without experiencing those psychoactive effects. Cannabis oil has become widely known for its ability to treat any number of medical conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, depression, and the list goes on.

However, amongst all the benefits that cannabis oil can provide it seems that the substance is being most praised for the relief that it is providing epidictic patients. Even the Food and Drug Administration has recently gotten on board with people consuming cannabis oil to help battle epilepsy.

In addition to all the conditions that it can treat CBD oil comes available in a variety of forms and can be consumed in several different manners.

For instance, some manufacturers offer CBD oil in an e-liquid form, which means that it can be smoked or vaped with a special type of vaporizer. Other manufacturers offer what is known as the tincture. And, this is simply a concentrated extract that can be placed under your tongue or in your food and drinks.

There are even CBD oil capsules available too. What’s even more impressive is that all these products come available in different flavors and styles. Needless to say, there is going to be absolutely no shortage of CBD oil products for one to choose from.

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Cannabis Cosmetics

CBD and cannabis companies have now even started targeting an audience that probably wouldn’t normally be open to these types of hemp or cannabis-based products. And, they took this approach in the form of cosmetics and it has certainly paid off.

It will continue to pay off as 2018 comes to an end. It is not just the suburban housewives that are taking advantage of these products anywhere either. You will find anyone from teen guys with acne to old grandmothers looking to revive their skin using these cosmetics.

That’s right, CBD not only provides a plethora of health benefits, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Research has revealed that these CBD products can be effective when it comes to battling acne and enhancing the overall appearance of your skin.

There certainly is no shortage when it comes to the type of cosmetics that are available either. You will find that consumers can buy anything from CBD-infused lip balms to CBD-infused shampoos, bath salts, lotions, rubs, topical products, and the list goes on.

Not only do these products promise the allure of a new complexion, but products like the bath bombs and bath salts can give you a more relaxing pain-free experience in the tub. Whether you are hurting from a long, hard day at work or you are just looking to soak with a good book, you could certainly benefit from these products.

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CBD Gummies

It doesn’t matter who you are everyone out there has a sweet tooth. And, there is no better way to get your fill of sweets than with the CBD gummy. These sweet little gummies are not only cute and delicious, but they offer a more discreet consumption method. Simply load down a sandwich bag full of these guys, take them to work or school with you, and consume whenever you need the relief.

And, that really is the thing that is going to make these products take off in the upcoming years. It is the discreetness that will make the CBD gummy one of the biggest selling cannabis-based products.

In addition to this, they are easier and safer to store. You can simply store them in your fridge and never worry about them getting damaged or contaminated. Just make sure that you keep them out of rich of the small children in the home. CBD gummies come in a lot of exciting flavors and come with just as many benefits. They can do everything from taking the edge off to helping you battle a bout of oncoming anxiety.

Chocolate Cannabis

Edibles have always been a popular method for getting high, but when you combine cannabis with chocolate, you really are on a whole new level. Infusing chocolate with cannabis has always been a popular pastime that will never die. It will only grow more and more popular as time goes on. In fact, you probably remember that it was the brownie that first introduced cannabis users to the world of edibles.

Consumers are now privy to a number of their favorite chocolate treats infused with cannabis. They can get the old-fashioned brownie, they can go for the timeless chocolate chip cookie, or they can choose from a number of candy bar assortments.

Pet CBD Products

Humans are not the only ones that can benefit from CBD. If you are a pet owner, you probably already know that pet owners take care of their pets better than they do themselves. There is no stop that a pet owner won’t pull out to ensure that their four-legged friend has the best life possible.

And, that is just one of the many reasons that sale of pet CBD products is going to be on the rise in 2019. There are tons of success stories out there relating to pets and CBD use, but you will probably find that any vet would not recommend or prescribe these products.

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