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Letters to Editor

Speaking the Truth

From Issue: Volume XXII - Number 17

Many Americans instinctively know, as they read the happenings across our country, that local police are now on their way, and of course perhaps unintentionally, to starting a race-war. From New York, to St. Louis, to Ferguson, and finally, to our beautiful city, we see the uniformed, but uninformed, less trained, and trigger-happy cops within the police force, actually costing our city rather than protecting the citizens in it!

And in the midst of this, a retired deputy chief of police of one of
America's major cities, had the courage to speak the truth, as he unfrocked a long-term police union leader in Long Beach, who is part and parcel, and one overt example of how we have come to our current situation in Long Beach.

And finally, a newspaper publisher has had the guts to let this retired deputy chief of police set the police record straight, and to inform the public fully, demonstrating the role of the peace officer rather than police public relations officer. Thank you Jay and the Beachcomber for this service to the people of Long Beach.

Our elected city leaders, for some reason or another, have taken a vow of silence as the police have lost one case after another, as the few have been permitted to run roughshod over our city. We have a new mayor, and a few new councilmembers, and they should all receive a copy of the August 22 edition of the Beachcomber. We don't want them to plead ignorance on the matter.

Darwin Thorpe


I read the negative comments about President James and the Long Beach Police Department. Mr. Downing seems to be overly occupied with the policies of the LBPD. It also seems that Downing may not be directing his comments to the officers per say, but rather to Chief Jim McDonnell. After all, they are both from the LAPD. It appears to be slap in the face to Chief McDonnell when Downing makes reference to the upper brass in his article.

Downing knows absolutely nothing about the LBPD or about POA President Steven James. With all the time Downing spends on putting our police department down, it would seem that Downing's time would be better spent making his negative comments toward the LAPD. We all know the issues that LAPD has had for years, yet Downing was one of the leaders of that department, which was constantly bombarded with complaints of misconduct by his officers.

Where were his comments and/or solutions for the huge number of complaints his police department received? Downing is not in a position to be critical of the LBPD when in fact he came from a department whose leaders were repeatedly questioned on issues such as the infamous Rodney King beating. Downing ought not to be casting stones.

Lastly, as far as LBPOA President James’ promotions, obviously his leaders thought he deserved them just like Downing's leaders thought about him. Lt. James is the union leader because our LBPD officers obviously like the job he's doing. I’m an extremely strong supporter of the LBPD and Downing's negative comments will not go unchallenged in the future.

Mark Alonzo