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Feature Stories

Baby Bros to Open at PCH & Clark

From Issue: Volume XXII - Number 16

By Kirt Ramirez

A restaurant that was expected to open last summer will now open in the coming weeks.

Yellow tape currently surrounds the chic eatery building at the northwest corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Clark Avenue – which will house a combined Baby Bros Pizza & Wings and Scrambled Breakfast Café.

Planted palms and tree saplings line a drive thru – while at the curve – water rolls over a rock landscape into a pond surrounded by more trees and shrubs. The rounded building contains indoor seating with large pane glass windows for enjoying the view.

Property owner Louie Christopoulos told the Beachcomber in April of last year, “I run a chain of several food establishments from pizza places to fast food to bar lounges. In this particular location we are looking for an early summer opening.”

But that didn’t happen.

Christopoulos did not explain the project delay in a recent interview but focused on the positive.

“The good news is that we’ve got all finals on this project.

Unfortunately the finals came at the same time of the opening of our newest restaurant, so at this present moment we are focused on that location,” he said in an Aug. 2 e-mail. “We look forward to our opening at our Long Beach location hopefully by month’s end or early September.”

Christopoulos continued, “We are excited and look forward to being open in Long Beach. The truth is this was by far our most challenging opening ever at this point. There’s no need to look back on why. We’re just glad it’s over and we’re excited on a new beginning.

“I hope the residents of Long Beach will be proud of what we’ve accomplished and hope to give Long Beach not only its newest restaurant but its newest institution. We look forward to giving families a great dining experience.”

The restaurant will create new jobs.

“We’re still looking for good, positive people to employ. All positions are available. We’re looking for people with good character. We’ll train for skill,” Christopoulos noted.

The upcoming eatery at 5095 East PCH will compete with The Crooked Duck grille across the street. During building construction last year it appeared a patio with outdoor seating was in the works.

“The project is the remodel of an existing drive-thru coffeehouse to a new restaurant, with an additional 357 square feet and patio,” Jacqueline Medina, spokeswoman for Long Beach Development Services, said in an e-mail last year.

In a recent July 31 e-mail, Medina said she did not know why the project was delayed. “I have been informed that all building inspections for this property/project have been completed and signed-off. We do not have any information as to why the business has not yet opened. I will have to defer that to the applicant/property owner.”

Today the patio is not present.

Reached again, but by telephone, Christopoulos said a patio building plan was revised and now there will be some outdoor seating by the pond.

Meals served will include gourmet breakfast, pizzas, hamburgers, pastas and fresh salads along with family-style dining with ribs, tri-tip and so on, Christopoulos said. Beer and wine also will be available, he added.