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From Issue: Volume XXII - Number 11

By Jay Beeler

One of my Rotary friends asked me who would replace Jim McDonnell if he gets elected LA County Sheriff. “Heck if I know,” was my reply.

Then he suggested that – if Jim gets elected – Long Beach could again contract with the LA County Sheriff’s Department to serve the entire city, like it did in the 1990s. in the northern districts. That way we’d keep Jim in charge locally.

“Great idea,” was my response. That way we could also get rid of the corrupt LB Police Officer’s Association and send a strong message to the fire department’s union that this too can happen to you.

So for those of you not wanting to vote for McDonnell for sheriff because you want to keep him in Long Beach, there’s no excuse not to vote for him. He is listed at the top of the voter ballot and at the top of my favorite police chiefs of all time. Then again, following Tony Batts, he would easily look fantastic.

Speaking of Batts, I still receive frequent updates on crime in Baltimore, where he is the police commissioner. Their murder rate is still very high in spite of Batts’ promises to fix things.

Now, after two years on the job, people are starting to take a second look at the “silver tongued, handsome black man” who won over the hearts of the women mayors of Long Beach, Oakland and Baltimore.

According to one local news source, “Bulletmore” is bucking against the murder rate in other cities with a 7.3 rise in homicides in 2013, from 219 to 235, which is matched only in the cities of Newark, Washington and Indianapolis.

When asked about Batts’ lack of success in fixing the murder problem, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rollins-Blake reportedly said at a community meeting “He was the best choice we had at the time.”

Based on Batts’ past, I predict that he’ll be resigning this fall and – horror of all horrors – moving back to his over-priced Atherton Street condo in Long Beach.

Gotta keep this short due to my computer crashing. Anyone with extensive experience in fixing QuickBooks (V6.0) data recovery is urged to call me!