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Letters to Editor

Free Preschool for All

From Issue: Volume XXII - Number 7

Thank you for your [3/7/14 Ramsey] article. You have, in my opinion, a very good grasp for the main problems in our school systems. The number one problem, as you mentioned in your article is, parental involvement. It is a shame to go to a school open house in low performing schools, and NO parents show up. In high performing schools, you have to wait in line to talk to the teacher(s).

We need to establish a system where the parents are held to account for the conduct and effort put forth by their children in school. Exactly what and how I am not sure.

In some parts of world, to which our school systems are compared, they have a solution. If the students do not perform, that is, do top line work, they are removed from school.

Maybe we should consider a more harsh line for students that do not perform, and make the parents accountable for any additional schooling.

As the old business adage goes, 90 percent of problems in any
work or study place, is caused by 10 percent of the people. Maybe we should remove the 10 percent and find work for them.

James Lehenbauer