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From Issue: Volume XXII - Number 7

By Jay Beeler

This week Seaside Printing in Long Beach released a photo of 114 campaign mailers that were printed by other companies outside the city for candidates promising “to bring more jobs to our city.”

Offenders in the photo included (alphabetically) Dunn, Garcia, Johnson, Kemp, Lowenthal, Otto, Parkin, Price and Rosenberg. In addition to lost jobs for local campaign consultants, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, copy writers, printers and mailing firms, the campaign pieces will result in lost sales tax for the city.

Several of the mailers were paid for by the Long Beach Police Officer’s Association and those prepared for city attorney candidate Charles Parkin and others contained lies, distortions of the truth and violated campaign laws by showing fire and police personnel in uniform with the candidates. Parkin’s campaign got $136,000 from the POA. What does that tell you about who is sleeping with whom?

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and looks like a duck, then you can rest assured that the POA is out to “duck” us all. I have always maintained that they engaged in corrupt practices, but this year they have come out of their shell to boldly expose their evil acts.

If you have not already done so, please read the excellent commentary on page one by Steve Downing on this topic. I strongly suggest that you send a loud and clear message to the POA and the whore politicians who vow – in advance of getting elected – to keep Long Beach on the verge of bankruptcy by sucking up to the POA. Downing wrote a second damning article about “Brady Cops” that can be found online at under “guest commentary.”

We can do better and it starts with your vote at the ballot box by voting against anyone whose name appears above on April 8.

Congratulations to the winning businesses in this, our 13th year, of the “Best of Long Beach” contest. Special recognition goes to VCA Animal Hospital, which has won every year since the contest began in 2001. Mull Chiropractic, Memorial Hospital and Realtor Richard Daskam each have an impressive record of 12 winning years.

This contest would not be possible without the $10,000 in gift cards and certificates that we receive each year from our sponsors. These prizes are used for the current Best of Services contest, the Best of Products contest in July and our ever-popular Long Beach Treasures contest. Please take notice of the sponsor names when you scan the list in this issue of persons winning those prizes, which were mailed this week. Please visit those sponsors and thank them for their participation.

Thanks also to our readers, who take the time to complete the ballot, follow the rules and mail in their opinions. You too are winners – just for doing it.

We still have some businesses that think one vote for themselves will count. It does not and we trashed more than 100 ballots for not following the rules. Maybe next year they will get the message.

Finally I want to acknowledge that Gwen Parker has retired as one of the Beachcomber advertising representatives. She joined us seven years ago after stints at the News-Enterprise, Seal Beach Sun and the Press-Telegram. She will be missed, but never forgotten.