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Democrats Increasing Gas Taxes & Embarrassing Repulicans

From Issue: Volume XXII - Number 6

By Taylor Ramsey

I have addressed man-made global warming and the topic of being over taxed in this space before. Two different subjects that came to my mind over the last several weeks due to California Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg’s suggestion to have you and me pay another 15 cent per gallon fee for gas he calls a carbon tax.

His concern is the forecasted jump in gasoline prices next year as the famous California “Greenhouse Gas Reduction Law” (AB32) passed in 2006 will require companies who distribute fuel to be part of the cap-and-trade marketplace. Mr. Steinberg is concerned about estimates predicting gas will have to increase by 12 cents a gallon and prices would not be stable as they could fluctuate to even higher levels due to cap-and-trade costs. However, his stable carbon tax proposition will fluctuate too as the tax would increase to 24 cents by 2020 and to more than 40 cents a gallon by 2029.

Here is the other part of his proposal. He believes the state will receive about $3.6 billion and he wants to give it back to those of us earning less than $75,000 a year as an earned income tax credit. The remainder is to be used for mass transit programs.

Right now according to the American Petroleum Institute as of Jan. 13, 2014 our combined gas tax, which includes both state and federal gas taxes, is 70-72 cents a gallon. It is the highest in the nation. Add in the 15 cents for the proposed carbon tax and we will be paying 85-87 cents in taxes for a gallon of fuel. If a gallon of gas costs $4 now, the new proposed carbon tax moves the tax to fill your car to 21 percent.

Additionally, Governor Brown convinced voters to increase the state sales tax, thus hurting every single one of us. Did you know that California, as of 2010, had the fourth highest tax burden per capita in the United States? There is a point where taxes required to operate our government can reach a point that is extraordinarily detrimental to our well being.

I wonder if Senator Steinberg has thought this all the way through. He and his supporters want to charge all of us, including those who now earn the minimum wage, more for our fuel and then they plan to give it back to some of us in the form of earned income tax credits. Take it away and then give it back. He is doing his best to take money from all drivers and put it in the bank accounts of others.

Democrats are referred to as the party looking out for the guy who needs help at the lower end of the wage earning ladder. In my opinion, this carbon tax implies they are out to hammer the little guy in order to feel good.

On another note, I have recently had a problem with Republicans too. President Obama’s nomination of Debo Adegbile to lead the Justice Department Civil Rights Division was not approved in the U.S. Senate. Adegbile was the defense attorney for the admitted and convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. I do not agree with many of Adegbile’s views and I definitely feel Mumia Abu-Jamal should receive the death penalty. I am pleased the President’s nomination was not approved, however, I am upset about some of the comments and the reason various conservatives and Republicans used for not consenting to his appointment.

Republican minority senate leader, Mitch McConnell said, regarding Adegbile’s nomination, “his advocacy on behalf of the nation’s most-notorious cop-killer calls into question his fitness for the powerful government position he seeks.” Senator McConnell also said the nomination was a “thumb in the eye” of law enforcement. Additionally, Fox News commentator, Greg Gutfeld, was quoted as saying the nomination represented a “hate crime against our nation’s police.”

The above is embarrassing. The crime of killing a police officer was a hate crime, being the person selected to represent the killer was a duty, not a hate crime. Our constitution provides for the accused to receive assistance for “counsel” for their defense. Every U. S. citizen has the right to counsel and our justice system would completely fail if that were not the case.

I am grateful to the legislators who voted down President Obama’s nomination due to issues that had nothing to do with Adegbile’s responsibility to represent the accused. To the Senators who voted against the nomination due to Adegbile’s efforts to defend a cop-killer as required by the constitution, you should be ashamed.
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