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Winged Dragon Missing in Long Beach

From Issue: Volume XXII - Number 5

Susan Fields bought “Apex the Winged Dragon” for her husband, Jerry Kraft, as a wedding gift in 2001. Friday morning she discovered it missing from their front porch on the 5400 block of Willow St. in Long Beach.

“It was a fun thing with sentimental value,” Susan said, “and with my husband fighting stage IV cancer, it means a lot to both of us.”

The Toscano catalog describes Apex as a 13 pound “winged dragon [that] perches on muscular rear haunches with his cocked head alert to lurking danger.” The Fields’ thought the $200 brownish dragon – sculpted and cast in designer resin with “Olde World panache” – would protect them and their home.

Jerry Kraft enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1959, flew missions over Viet Nam during that war and retired after 30 years. At age 73 he has colon cancer, in addition to being a double amputee with diabetes. Wife Susan, 56, is an artist with a disability that limits her to one hand while tending to her husband’s needs. The dragon was one of their simple pleasures in life and they’d like it back.

Anyone spotting the missing Apex is urged to call the Long Beach Police Department at (562) 435-6711 or Susan Fields at (562) 221-2575.