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Letters to Editor

Otto Wins 1st Round

From Issue: Volume XXII - Number 1


I read mayoral candidate Doug Otto's 11 points for Long Beach and found the usual pipe dreams and generalities that sound great if you're into slick presentations and high sounding proposals that probably won't make it out of his mayor's office if elected.

Besides, how much is all that going to cost? Haven't we had enough of that already?

The truth is, there's nothing wrong with the way the city has been run during the Bob Foster era. The city kept its head above water financially during troubling years, and that says a lot for current performance and players.

Municipalities do not create jobs unless they're hiring. Providing a business friendly environment should be the city's responsibility and that has already exists. Businesses hire people. No city is run perfectly, despite glowing campaign promises.

Robert Van der Upwich


I couldn't agree more with your assessment of debate. Otto has the real world practical experience the others lack and he is open to new ideas.

It's time Long Beach had a leader that was not beholden to an ideology but instead wanted to get things done.

Look at his track record. If enough voters see him, I bet he has shot against the machine.

JP Hagerty


[Your online opinion article] missed the mark about who was the "winner" at the Commercial Real Estate forum by touting Mr. Otto's plan for jobs.

You fail to report that this is the same College Board Trustee that engineered the demise of very crucial needed vocational programs at Long Beach City College after spearheading the drive to saddle local property owners with a parcel tax to pay for buildings that were to house these vocational programs. That's right. Check the voter pamphlet about how LBCC so desperately needed a new aviation maintenance facility because of the successful program it offered. Do you know that not only did Otto push to cut a very necessary aviation maintenance program but that LBCC then sent all the equipment down to Orange Coast College. The building you and I are paying for sits empty.

The key to good jobs is education and LBCC has a horrible graduation and transfer rate (at 29 percent). How does Otto defend that as a job killer?

Mr. Otto was the same person who worked on the mayor's task force some years back and came up with another tax idea – put an excise tax on home business licenses to fund traffic improvements at the traffic circle and other places. Well, the money was never spent and we have one of the highest home business license taxes in the area.

While you seem to like candidates that have "plans" – you might mention to your readers my 45 Reforms for Long Beach so that we can make this government open, transparent and accountable.

Gerrie Schipske