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Community News

Governor Brown’s Proposed Budget

From Issue: Volume XXII - Number 1

By Eloy Ortiz Oakley

"I applaud Governor Brown for proposing $1 billion in new investments in higher education in next year's budget. Governor Brown’s budget proposal continues the restoration of funding to community colleges that began this year to reverse the impact of severe state funding cuts that reduced students' access to courses and services. The $155 million in additional enrollment funding will create much needed opportunities for our students.

The Governor's proposal to erase the wall of debt by restoring nearly $600 million in deferred funds owed to community colleges is welcome news for community colleges because it will stabilize apportionment funding and will allow colleges to prepare and implement annual budgets with a greater sense of certainty.

I am particularly pleased to see that the Governor is proposing increased support for Student Success funding and new support for efforts to close achievement gaps for underrepresented students. Long Beach City College has long championed efforts to increase student success and equitable outcomes and looks forward to working with the Governor to improve outcomes for all students.

Finally, the budget proposal includes funds to allow community colleges to make much needed infrastructure upgrades and to address increased operational costs after years of deferrals.

Overall, the Governor's budget will clearly advance California by allowing community colleges to educate more students and help to build the competitive workforce required to maintain California's leading place in the global economy.”

Eloy Ortiz Oakley is superintendent-president of Long Beach City College