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Letters to Editor

Hand-off to Uranga

From Issue: Volume XXII - Number 1


One of the reasons I became a candidate for the 7th District seat in the Long Beach City Council was because I felt that the present councilperson was not truly representing all of the voices of all of the constituents. He refused to tackle any issues more controversial than new parks and a Wall of Mulch. He has stated publicly that he refuses to obey local election laws regarding campaign contributions and transfers.

But now that he has taken those contributions out of the 7th and into his bid for the more lucrative office of city attorney, I am announcing that I will be dropping out of the 2014 election and will be endorsing the best man for the job, Roberto Uranga. We have nearly identical views on all issues and I am confident that Roberto will help create jobs, fight pollution and has confirmed that if elected, will continue with the building and enacting of the new medical marijuana ordinance recently begun by the current council. He believes it is good for the patients who need it, as well as good for Long Beach, which can benefit from the associated revenue and thousands of new jobs. Roberto is quite honest, well-informed, pro-business, and a devout family man. I urge all 7th District voters, as well as all Long Beach cannabis patients, to get out and vote. And vote for Roberto Uranga.

Larry King