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Letters to Editor

Fireworks Proposal

From Issue: Volume XXII - Number 1


I somehow missed the fireworks trash reminiscent of a third world country on July 5th in Lakewood, and other areas that allow fireworks.

I agree with Diane Lejins on many issues, but not this one. It doesn't matter how much it infringes on the freedoms enjoyed by society, if some feel uncomfortable, “ban it.” Legal, regulated fireworks sold for decades by Boy Scouts is now considered dangerous? In the wrong hands, anything can be a problem. No one has control over that.

On the other hand, I think banning may not be enough. People are driving to Lakewood and bringing that dangerous contraband back into town. That's right folks. We need to set up road blocks and search cars to be really effective with our ban. I know this a major inconvenience and maybe unconstitutional, but now that we realize people are too stupid to decide for themselves, this will become necessary to protect the population from itself, right?

And where do tax revenues stop paying for what services, and who decides that? So there's some clean up, so what? I guess we need to cancel the Grand Prix. That litter makes the 4th of July look like a picnic. Don't forget those dangerous fast cars, and all that loud noise pollution!

We probably need to ban that too.

It will be good to know the fireworks ban is in effect when I listen to fireworks going off all night in Long Beach on the 4th of July this year. What a relief.

Robert Van der Upwich


Cities where fireworks are allowed on July 4 end up looking like war zones. Their air is suffocating and the trash in the streets is reminiscent of a third-world country.

Are the groups that would profit from the sale of fireworks going to pay for the extra expenses of the city for public safety? Will they pay for damages to property? How do they plan to atone for the loss of a child’s eye, for the heartbreak of losing a pet or even the loss of someone’s life in a fire? Will they be cleaning up all of the trash left behind? Are they willing to shoulder the responsibility?

Consider the extreme danger of this state’s drought. A single burning ember can travel a distance of a mile. Don’t we have enough of a mess from the Queen Mary fireworks visitors without adding more problems?

The City Council needs to put this issue to bed and continue the ban. It’s the only safe and sane thing to do.

Diana Lejins