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ACA: The Result of Fraud, Dereliction and Fools

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 26

By Taylor Ramsey

There are three words that have been forefront in my mind for quite some time and those words do and will continue to affect every one of us way into the New Year and beyond.

Fraud is the first word. It is an act by a person who deceives or misrepresents himself, an item or idea for gain over another. In this case fraud was used by a large group of people to deceive Americans. President Obama and the democrats misrepresented the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in order to gain our trust and the necessary votes to make sure it was passed. It would not have passed otherwise. In order to gain public favor it has been proven they knowingly told us we would not lose our current health plans if we liked them, we could keep our doctors and most families would save $2,500 a year in health care costs.

Democrats went to their home states and restated the very same rhetoric the president was using in order to win public support for the ACA. The president also incorporated the language to win re-election. It worked.

When the bill originally came up for a vote our elected representatives had about 36 hours to read, analyze and comprehend the thousands of pages of the bill. Since time was scarce, our wise Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, suggested to our elected representatives that they could take the easy route by voting for the bill before reading it and they could find out what was in it at a later time. Incredulously, she actually encouraged them to pass a bill without knowing what was in it.

This leads to the next word that keeps coming to mind – dereliction. It is a willful neglect, as of duty or principle. That is exactly what happened when democrats voted for this horrendous bill while not one republican could muster the will to become a lemming too. It would be an astounding display of weakness by so many individuals who were tasked with looking out for our welfare.
We can look the other way, deny it if we wish or simply try to explain it away, but we know that it was impossible for our representatives to review the bill in a responsible and conscientious manner before the imposed deadline to vote. No matter what part of the political spectrum you fall into, you must agree it was an extreme dereliction of duty that our elected representatives voted for the ACA not knowing what it contained or what the ramifications would later be for all Americans.

Now suppose there were a few elected representatives who did read the bill, such as the people who actually took a pen and wrote the monstrosity. The third word is “foolish.” Foolish is having or showing a lack of good sense or judgment. Those few persons who read or who crafted the bill definitely showed a tremendous lack of good sense or judgment.

Would you not think that if a legislator did know what was in the bill he or she would have been able to analyze and determine that all of what the president and the democrats were saying could not be any further from the truth? They must be considered fools for looking the other way or they must be considered fools for not being able to comprehend what they had read or conceived.

Now, many of the very same fraudulent, derelict and foolish congressmen and senators who shouted approval and spewed the falsehoods are trying to distance themselves from the Obamacare mess. I can’t imagine how they even look in the mirror and really believe the public could be so forgetful and gullible, especially at re-election time.

All along I was praying this bill would not pass. With the lies above, they were promising young adults could stay on their parent’s policies until the age of 26; you could not be denied coverage, etc. Of course, they neglected to mention the many new taxes and high deductibles coming our way. It all sounded so good and it seemed it simply could not get any better.

I like to say that a person should look at the results of decisions and policies much like a math problem. Take it down to the lowest common denominator. In other words, think it all the way through to the final outcome. Without reading the bill and in trying to think it through, common sense told me it was too good, even impossible, to be true.

There was one basic rule it seems every supporter of the ACA did not consider or maybe knowingly forced into the recesses of their minds. I kept thinking about that rule. Economist Milton Friedman was famous for coining it: “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”