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Feature Stories

LBPD Offers Holiday Safety Tips

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 25

The Long Beach Police Department would like to remind everyone to report suspicious activity immediately by calling police dispatch at 9-1-1 or (562) 435-6711, and to practice the following safety tips:

While shopping:

* Place all gifts and packages in the trunk or out of sight

* Be aware of your surroundings at all times and walk with confidence

* Park in well-lighted areas

* Avoid shopping alone; there is safety in numbers

* Use credit or debit cards for purchases to avoid carrying large amounts of cash

* Keep car doors locked and windows closed

* Carry purses or bags close to your body

* Have the car key in your hand prior to getting to your vehicle

* Report suspicious persons or packages to on-site security or police

Suggestions in and around your home:

* Keep gifts in areas that cannot be seen from doorways or windows

* Install exterior motion sensor lighting

* Keep bushes and shrubbery trimmed to eliminate places for thieves to hide

* Postpone mail and newspaper deliveries while traveling

* Do not store gifts in vehicles or unsecured areas

Suggestions for business operators:

* Lock unused doors (in compliance with fire codes)

* Keep only necessary cash in the register

* Vary the schedule and route for bank deposits each day

* Make sure the register is clearly visible to passers-by

* Advertise your security alarm system with signs in visible locations

* Ensure video surveillance cameras capture facial features

* Develop a mutual aid system among stores on your block or close to you

For additional crime prevention tips, visit