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Community News

Council Snippets

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 20

By Steve Propes

August 13 Meeting

At the start of the meeting, Mayor Bob Foster said, “Mercifully, there are no presentations. We’ll now have public comment.”
About Ben Harvey, the past manager of Edison Company, Foster said: “We’re allowed to say where he went, aren’t we? He’s become city manager of Catalina, Avalon, I believe, actually the whole island, right? I know that’s a job Mr. DeLong wanted, but Ben Harvey has it.”

Third District Councilman Gary DeLong commented, “I’m much younger than Ben, I’ll take it after he retires.”

Comments on the issue of liquor licenses.

Jeff Abrams said: “Applications for alcohol beverages just seem to fly through this council.”

Debro Saad said, “Every time you open a bar and a club, how do you think people get home, walk? They don’t, they drive. You guys are all negligent. That poor new attorney knows, I fell out in front of the city council building on the second of April when you wouldn’t let me in.”

Vice Mayor Robert Garcia said, “Ma’am.”

Saad said, “You be quiet. Bob Foster is the mayor. You are not the mayor, you are just a gay guy sitting in…”

Garcia said, “We’re going to take a break, thank you.”

Comments on police servicing LBUSD locations.

Kareem Muhammad said: “Mr. Robert Garcia. How many officers, and is this going to be around the clock like 24/7 or just Monday through Friday?”

Garcia responded,:“Sir, if you have a couple of questions, just say those and we’ll get those answered. Is that a question?”
Muhammed replied: “Robert, Robert, Robert, you’re taking everything personally and you’re making me feel uncomfortable. I’m a citizen of Long Beach just like you are and you don’t have to take an attitude with me. I’m a man and I’m 55 years old. I don’t appreciate that. You don’t talk to me like that for any reason whatsoever. I can speak freely for three minutes. You don’t have to speak personally to me. I can get personal with you. I don’t have a problem with that. My question is how many positions are going to be filled with that $846,000?”

Garcia responded: “Thank you, sir. I actually like you very much sir.”

September 17 Meeting

Ex-Manager of Marine Operations Mark Sandoval said: “On September 4, I was informed by Parks, Recreation and Marine Director George Chapjian that I was to be terminated from my position. I asked if he realized I had two girls in college, didn’t seem to matter. I asked if he understood that this action would alter my life, costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars, at the end of my career and the end of my retirement.

“None of this mattered. He handed me a letter and said that it was all in there. It was a short letter citing ‘Poor handling of the parking issues during race week, your unprofessional demeanor on several occasions to your supervisor George Chapjian (and) by your own admission allowing John Sangmeister to dock his boat at the South Pine Pier at no charge.’ I did not tell him to move it because I saw no problems with it. If it is an illegal dock, there are others that should be implicated.

“The city was terminating a 26-year employee because the police department had to void 98 citations, many of which I believe were valid; because I did not stop an individual from docking at a dock he had bought and because I did raise my voice to my director on one occasion who was telling me I was breaking the law by giving away public assets.”