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Letters to Editor

Cal Worthington Passes

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 20

Regarding your story in the 09/20/13 issue of The Beachcomber, your report that Cal Worthington was inspired by commercials run by his competitor Ralph Williams featuring Ralph’s dog is a bit off the mark.

Ralph Williams, although he may have owned a dog, did not feature his dog in the ads that he ran. Rather, Ralph’s general manager, Chick Lambert, was the pitchman on the ads featuring a dog, which was owned by Chick. Initially the ads featured his dog, “Storm,” a handsome German Shepherd that would jump up onto the hoods of the cars Chick was selling as he described the wonderful bargain that anyone buying them would realize. Time passed and Storm eventually “retired.” He was replaced by “Moriah” also a German Shepherd owned by Chick.

Chick Lambert, who was a fixture on late night TV used car commercials in California for many years, retired sometime in the 1970s, I believe, and spent his “Golden Years” at a ranch in Ventura County that he owned.

Bob Overzyl