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City Council Snippets

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 17

By Steve Propes

July 23 Meeting

After Julie Pruitt, spcaLA presented a dog with a missing eye named Willie, Mayor Foster, “I saw Willie being affectionate with you over there. Call him One Eyed Willie, he’s a great dog. He’s a short hair, Mr. Delong.”

Amy Bodek, Director of Long Beach Development Services presented an appeal of the Shoreline Gateway Project, a 224-unit residential tower with retail and 275 parking spaces at 635 East Ocean Boulevard.

Appellant Debbie Dobias stated, “Parking would become worse because of these buildings.”

Jim Anderson of Anderson Pacific testified, “We have never built a project, which is under parked. We would be building more parking space than we would living space.”

Applicant Robert Gardner said, “A one bedroom unit would have one space, a two bedroom would have two parking spaces.”

May Bob Foster responded to the audience, “I know how to run the hearing, we’re open to the public, don’t worry about it.”
Second District Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal stated, “The downtown plan calls for one space per unit.”

Foster asked, “Mr. Anderson, I just want to clear this up. I thought I heard you say one space per bedroom, is that right or not?”
To the audience, Foster stated, “Hang on, I’m asking the applicant. I don’t want any comments out there; it’s just discourteous. We’re trying to find an answer here that’s truthful. We’ll get to it. I don’t need comments.”

Anderson responded, “We are providing more parking than is required. We have one space per bedroom.”

Elizabeth Balikan said, “I live at 100 Atlantic. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, we have street cleaning from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. I watch all the people move their cars, drive around, move their cars, in order to capture a spot. It seems to me it’s a diabolical plan the city is doing, I don’t know if you’re just so interested in revenue. Cars are ticketed; we are so impacted in that area it’s insane. This parking issue is no joke.”

Holly Jones testified, “If I am not home at 5 p.m., I have to park three miles from my home. I’m not going to put myself in danger to walk in less than perfect neighborhoods to walk home.”
President of Downtown Long Beach Associates Kraig Kojian testified, “This plan is a quality plan; it’s cost prohibitive when it comes to additional parking.”

Bodek stated, “We do believe there is in fact also adequate parking throughout the downtown, scattered throughout the downtown, not just in the downtown core, but also on the edges, included this general area.”

Lowenthal observed, “Those who don’t have parking east of Alamitos aren’t coming west to seek the parking. Perhaps it’s a scatter gram of everywhere.”

Bodek stated, “There is a perceived dividing line on Long Beach Blvd. and also on Alamitos Avenue; generally parking impacts east of Alamitos we don’t see spilling over west of Alamitos.”

Lowenthal asked the applicant, “Would you consider re-striping your plans to add a couple more spaces? Even if you’re getting one to five more spaces out of striping. I don’t know what measurements you’re using. Are you using Santa Monica measurements for striping?”

Anderson responded, “We’re using Long Beach measurements for striping.”

Lowenthal observed, “At 30 to 50,000 dollars worth of value, that might be great value.”

The motion requiring “the applicant to work with staff to explore potential options to increase the number of parking spaces beyond the 275 spaces currently provided for in the project” carried 6-0, with O’Donnell, Schipske, Johnson absent.