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Letters to Editor

Double-Digit City Management Raises

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 16

In response to 'Beachcombing' in the the August 9th issue-
What are the Long Beach city employees' accomplishments that qualify for double digit raises? Is there somewhere the public can see who earns what raise and why?

I've worked at numerous large companies and double digit raises in corporate America jobs (excluding bankers) are unheard of. Double digit raises are given for a promotion or extraordinary efforts only. The average "meets expectation" individual is lucky to see a raise in excess of the inflation rate. The average inflation rate for the past 5 years has been 2.14%.

As my tax dollars get sucked down the drain more and more each day, I have to wonder - why do we allow the government to get a free pass as we, the citizens, have to stretch our dollar further and further to make up for the difference? The Great Recession proved that we must be fiscally conservative or we will get eaten alive. The same holds true for the city, state & federal government.

Stacey M. Zafiroff