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Letters to Editor

Clown Banned Over Obama Mask

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 16

It was reported [that a rodeo clown received] a "lifetime" ban [for wearing an Obama mask]. Whatever happened to free speech? Jay Leno constantly makes jokes about the Prez, and the Obamanation was more than happy to capture free publicity by showing up on Jay's show. If one is a public person, they are fair game -- so I say, "Get over it."

If anyone should be banned from their job, it wouldn't be the rodeo clown; ban the Prez for all of the atrocities he has committed that are far worse than the wearing of a comical mask. Is prison the next step for those who dare to speak out against the Obamanation?

This is just plain wrong, wrong, wrong !!!!!

Diana Lejins