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Letters to Editor

Military Jets

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 16

Regarding the letter to the editor submitted by Ruben and Margaret Flores referencing objections to the noise created by military jets, my husband and I wish to publicly declare our solidarity with citizens such as the Flores family who support our servicemen and women and appreciate the sacrifices voluntarily made by them so that others have the freedom to lodge their petty complaints over a little bit of noise.

I would like to ask the plaintiffs: How many of you fly an American flag in your front yard, take a three-day weekend over Memorial Day, drink beer on the Fourth of July, claim yourselves patriots?
How many have attended trade school or college on a grant or government loan, started your own business, or moved to a different part of the country because there were better opportunities there? How many of you have ever picketed, marched, lobbied, petitioned or demonstrated to effect social or political change in this country?

And how many of you have traveled overseas, secure in knowing your passport, and the local U.S. Embassy if need be, would broker your safe passage home? For those of you who are a little weak in your understanding of world events, I can tell you that there are only a small percentage of the seven billion of us inhabiting this planet who enjoy the privileges afforded by living here.

I urge those of you who feel so terribly inconvenienced by those men and women who train regularly to protect you to get up off your overstuffed easy chairs and turn off your big screen TVs. Dig a hole in your backyard, about two feet wide and five feet deep. Fill it up halfway with slimy water and then sleep in it for the next three months.

Eat nothing but jerky, peanut butter, and stale crackers and ration your drinking water out of a plastic canteen. No ice. And no contact with your loved ones or friends during your backyard “tour of duty” and it would help the realism if you could catch malaria, heatstroke or foot rot while you’re at it. Oh, and don’t forget to have the neighbors take potshots at you from the trees and rig IEDs between you and the hole you dug for your latrine.

There, that’s better. Now you can complain all you want about the half a minutes’ worth of jet noise that interrupt your peaceful Sunday afternoon, but don’t you ever forget that your right to do so is bought and paid for by those who serve.

Windy Foster, U.S. Army veteran
and Jeff Kiesel, American citizen