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Opinion: Say 'No' to City Management Double-Digit Raises

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 14

By Jay Beeler

Rumblings around City Hall say that City of Long Beach management staff and certain other classifications are being proposed to receive a double-digit raise within coming months. Apparently the “$100,000 Club” nouveau riche need to get richer as the city faces a $4.9 million deficit in fiscal year 2015 and a $300,000 deficit in fiscal year 2016.

Public safety workers have made concessions to help the city survive the recession. What is management’s problem in this regard? Then again, any city that has a “management union” must be mathematically, intellectually and ethically challenged.

According to recent writings by Long Beach Mayoral Candidate Damon Dunn, “It’s time the city shifts its attention from financial “crisis management” to real efforts to create jobs, expand businesses and create long-term sustainable revenue that we can invest in public safety and other essential services like street repairs, libraries, and the arts.”

Candidate Dunn has stated he will provide the Beachcomber with a response to the double-digit raise proposal, which we will post by Tuesday, July 23 and publish in our Friday, July 26, issue.

So now the question to every mayoral candidate should be this: “Would you support double-digit pay raises for city management staff?” The answer to that question will tell you who is best prepared to lead this city.

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