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From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 14

By Jay Beeler

When you turn the page there’s a Best of Long Beach ballot awaiting your attention on page four. Please take the time to nominate a minimum of 15 businesses among the 90-plus categories listed.

This year the contest has been divided into two general categories of “services” and “products.” The services ballot was published in February and this issue is the first of two times you will see the products listings, including groupings for restaurants, entertainment and retail establishments.

After producing this contest for 12 years, we’ve tweaked the details to make it very difficult for any one business to cheat and get honors for doing it. Since I personally review every ballot, it becomes tough to bypass the dozen or so tests applied to each ballot for validation purposes.

In our February balloting we still had a handful of businesses that would obtain a large quantity of our newspapers, list only one business (versus the 15 minimum) and provide a unique name, address and phone number. I’m guessing that over 200 ballots were automatically tossed out for doing that.

This year we received about $10,000 in prizes that go to persons who followed instructions, completed their ballot and mailed it in. Each prize has a minimum value of $25 in the form of gift certificates, gift cards and some actual products. Participating sponsors give us at least 12 of these $25 gifts, which are spread out annually over both contests as well as our bi-weekly “Long Beach Treasures” contest.

Please note that the sponsor’s names are listed above each ballot. Not sure who to vote for? A clue has been provided!

It is easy to enter: PRINT your nominated businesses name beside at least 15 categories, provide your full name, address and phone number, cut out the form along the dotted lines and mail it in before August 1. We’ll hand count each ballot during August and publish both the winning businesses names as well as all the prize winners. By the time this information is published in the Beachcomber most prizes will have been mailed.

Optionally a space is provided for your email address, should you want to receive a link every two weeks to the digital version of the Beachcomber hours before the print version gets distributed. Anyone providing their email address will also receive periodic breaking news alerts, which typically surface a few times each month.

Thank you in advance for your participation and good luck in winning one of those $25-plus valued gifts.