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June 4 Council Snippets

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 13

By Steve Propes

Expand Preferential Parking
District AB:

Mary Nowak asked, “why do we have to pay for a permit if we want to park our cars during the daytime? Is it $33 for each permit? I wonder what the $33 pays for.”

Traffic Engineer Dave Roseman answered, “To recoup the costs. Just the administrative costs.”

Ernie Brandt stated, “It looks to me like a money grab.”

Fifth District Counciwoman Gerrie Schiske stated, “the parking permit fee is set in the fee schedule. The balloon factor. You squeeze an area, they’re going on up to another area.”
Motion passed unanimously.

Public Comment

Larry Goodhue commented, “Councilman Garcia, at 1922 Anaheim Street, which I believe is in your district, for the last five months there has been gang graffiti on the window of a vacant store; which certainly is not enticing to a would be tenant. Three times I’ve called your office and talked to what sounded like a live body, gave them the details. Get that cleaned up. Concentrate on the meat and potatoes items of your district.”

Vice Mayor Robert Garcia said, “Hello Don, how are you?”

Don Darnauer commented, “Lots of motorcyclists and vehicles that have been modified seem to come down PCH and down Pine Avenue to get downtown, so we hear a lot of noise there. That’s a key place that also should be monitored and use this equipment, a decibel meter that flashes lights on when you’ve exceeded the decibels.”

Second District Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal commented, “maybe that you’re too loud and maybe your mama’s watching.”

Turnstiles and Maintenanceof the Blue Line

Darnauer stated, “The Blue Line. There are certain operators that like to play like a drunken cowboy coming to town on Saturday night or something and they like to pull the whistles and the bells and everything they can think of to let us know they’re going by. That’s at one or two in the morning too. I hope that meter or device could be used to catch the Blue Line too. Our fire department has these sirens and other kind of things, I spoke to the fire chief last year about it and he admits that there are certain vehicles that make more noise than others. They’re so bad, it’s piercing. When they go by people, it actually hurts.”

Goodhue stated, “Use a pile driver, make your point once, come back a second time and then, come back a third time, the very notion that gating turnstiles can have any meaningful effect on security which is a major issue facing the Blue Line is divorced from intelligence. The people suggesting so are absolutely clueless about the operation. Inoperative machines; inoperative escalators and call boxes. That portends how poorly the gating system now in place would be system wise. This is not the Toonerville Trolley. We need to begin with a civil grand jury investigation and analysis of it. The sheriff department is not doing the job.”

Eric Gray, Executive Committee Member of Downtown Residential Council stated, “We have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to how the Blue Line looks and operates. An hour from downtown Long Beach to downtown L.A. is not acceptable. (We need) express lines to the Blue Line.”

Lowenthal responded, “the idea of an express routes – one going outbound, one coming inbound – I’ve been told is that the communities in-between would oppose it. All the communities we pass through because of whatever message that might be. I don’t believe an expressway sends some sort of flight message. It’s an ongoing request. I seem to be the only one making it.”

Motion passed unanimously.