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Jobs PAC Endorses 3 Candidates for City Posts

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 12

The Long Beach Jobs PAC, the political action committee of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Wednesday announced the endorsement of Damon Dunn for Long Beach mayor, Charles Parkin for city attorney and Doug Haubert for city prosecutor in next year’s April 8th election.

“Damon Dunn is a registered independent who has made creating jobs in Long Beach his number one priority, and he is committed to working with both business and labor to realize Long Beach’s potential,” said LaDonna DiCamillo, chairman of the Long Beach Jobs PAC.

“Damon Dunn’s campaign is different… it’s focused on listening to the voters and creating neighborhood-by-neighborhood plans to improve public safety, restore cuts to libraries, the arts and recreation services,” said Randy Gordon, president/CEO of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Dunn, a registered independent, who first registered as a democrat in college and later a republican candidate for secretary of state, explained he is more concerned about getting things done than advancing any partisan agenda.

Dunn’s campaign for mayor is poised to announce that it has walked to over 30,000 homes and held 29 neighborhood receptions in support for his campaign.

“Jobs PAC is pleased to endorse the candidacy of Charles “Charlie” Parkin who has declared his intention to run for the position of city attorney of Long Beach. A longstanding member of the city attorney’s office, Charlie has broad knowledge of the inner workings of Long Beach city government and, if elected, will transition easily to the duties, challenges and complexities of the city attorney’s office,” stated DiCamillo.

“The members of the Long Beach Jobs PAC were very impressed by city attorney candidate Charlie Parkin and feel strongly that he is the best qualified candidate to lead the city attorney’s office into the future,” stated Gordon.

“Doug Haubert has served the City of Long Beach well in his first term as city prosecutor and the Long Beach Jobs PAC has every confidence that, if reelected, Mr. Haubert will continue to lead the city prosecutor’s office in an innovative, effective and exemplary fashion,” said DiCamillo,

“There are many reasons to be impressed with City Prosecutor Doug Haubert’s first term in office and the Long Beach Jobs PAC is extremely pleased to endorse Mr. Haubert as he readies his campaign for a second term. Mr. Haubert understands that for businesses to prosper and new private investment to be attracted to Long Beach, the city must first and foremost be considered safe,” Gordon said.