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Letters to Editor

Brick & Mortar

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 9


Taylor Ramsey has it right. Having been "Brick & Mortar" for over 40 years as Pat's Calculator Service it was time to quit. The self employed don't retire, they just quit. No 90 percent here.

The new internet buyers didn't consider the 10 years of factory schooling on my product. The set up, delivery and factory warranty were performed by the "go to" guy, the owner. No excuses. Fortunately my customers -- usually CPAs or CFOs -- recognized the benefits of dealing with a local brick and mortar business.

Try same day service or getting a qualified answer on the internet. My customers always got an honest deal, just ask around. So turn a page in your catalog and good luck. You will probably recycle more often than this brick and mortar guy and his Victor calculators.

Pat Coleman