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Letters to Editor

Outstanding Issue

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 5

Kudos to the Beachcomber for publishing an absolutely outstanding issue dated today [Feb. 22]. The well-written article by Jeremy Matusow regarding the City of Long Beach’s fiscal mess traced the history of poor decisions and their consequences, but without emotion or finger-pointing that usually accompanies these kinds of topics. It would appear that Councilman James Johnson has that rare combination of excellent background (law and economics), and the intelligence to suggest a pathway to a sustainable financial future for Long Beach.

The interview with Mayor Bob Foster by Art Levine was typical of the professionalism that Mr. Levine has exhibited throughout his tenure as spokesman for common sense on the airwaves of Long Beach. Long Beach could do far worse than to re-elect Mayor Foster to a third term.

Taylor Ramsey’s opinion piece on the need for sensible reform at the US Postal Service demonstrates that there is hope yet for salvation at the Post Office, but only if irresponsible, anti-business, left-wing political figures like Maxine Waters stay the heck out of the way.

Ralph Paul Jacobs