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Feature Stories

Omar Wins Grammy

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 4

By Aaron Ledesma

Long Beach-based pianist and recording artist Omar Akram has a lot to dance about these days, and his fans would agree.
On Feb. 10, Akram’s 2012 LP, Echoes of Love, won the Grammy for “Best New Age Album,” reinforcing what listeners from Germany and Romania to North and South America have been raving about.

Being raised as the son of the Afghani Ambassador to the Czech Republic, France and Cuba, Akram has an especially varied taste in sounds and employs his imagination with the aid of his carefully chosen crew of celebrated L.A. musicians.

Following his Grammy victory, Akram’s Twitter feed reflected his gratitude. “What an incredible honor to win a GRAMMY Award!” “Thank you to all the great musicians for making “Echoes of Love” a GRAMMY Award winning album.”

Omar’s executive producer is Mike Vasilomanolakis, MD., an interventional cardiologist whose practice is next to Community Hospital Long Beach. They have worked together since 1996.

Previous albums have been Billboard hits and include Opal Fire, Free as a Bird and Secret Journey.