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Letters to Editor

Ramsey: Drug Users

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 3


Taylor Ramsey’s logic (Jan 11 “Drug Users Are Not Non-Violent”) is seriously flawed and misguided. Blaming non-violent “drug users” for the deaths caused by drug cartels is like blaming alcohol users for deaths caused by drunk drivers. Using his illogical approach, anyone who consumes alcohol should feel guilty and all of the providers, servers and sellers of alcohol should be held responsible.

While most drugs and their usage should be curtailed and treated as a health concern, lumping them all together leaves little room for the legitimacy of medical marijuana. Medicinal cannabis has proven itself time and again as a valuable tool in fighting cancer, multiple sclerosis and many other serious maladies. In fact, marijuana tends to promote non-violence by its very nature.
Ramsey continues that we must obey the laws of society. While I adhere to this notion in most cases, senseless/draconian laws created to protect the wealth of people like William Randolph Hearst from the threat of cheaper/more environmental friendly hemp paper products should not be honored. Moreover, marijuana has been legalized as a medicine in California for 16 years and in 17 other states and Washington D.C. Traditionally, states have held the responsibility of creating and enforcing laws that pertain to their constituents’ health. That should be honored.

The real responsibility lies in the federal government’s refusal to end this hypocritical and failed “war on drugs.” Alcohol and tobacco contribute to hundreds of thousands of deaths each year, yet they are “legal.” As long as drugs remain illegal, addicts won’t get help, deaths related to alcohol consumption will proliferate, lives and families will continue to be destroyed, young people will be denied student loans and jobs, education will suffer from lack of funds while huge amounts of money are poured into drug law enforcement, crime will continue to escalate, taxpayer dollars will continue to be wasted, the feds will grow fat with asset forfeiture money, corruption will abound, our Constitution will suffer further degradation, those with serious illnesses and disabilities will not have access to safe medicine, thousands of people will continue dying from pharmaceutical drugs, profits will fund the cartels and street gangs, innocent people will be killed, private prisons will continue their legalized slavery, and the list goes on.

In fact, the illegality of drugs, especially marijuana, has allowed such obscene profit for the government and numerous other entities (pharmaceuticals, tobacco companies, law enforcement, private prisons, etc) that the task of fighting our so-called “war on drugs” has become daunting. It is a war that destroys lives and does far more damage than the drugs themselves. It has become a war against our own people.

Diana Lejins