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Letters to Editor


From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 2


I am a former student of Long Beach City College and a disgruntled resident of the fourth district. I have recently read that the LBCC Board of Trustees has put the final nail into the coffin of 11 different programs at my beloved city college.

What taxpayers probably haven't read about are the bond measures still paying for the auto body shop that was discontinued as well as the brand new welding shop that has barely been broken in. Their statement was this was in the spirit of meeting their budget, but we can justify giving the President Eloy Oakley 16 thousand dollars annually for his commute from Southern Orange County to the college locations.

I understand that on some level the college must be run as a business, but sadly these crooks should take a lesson from the private sector. Even in times of hardship they have given themselves cost of living raises. Maybe there should be pay cuts across the board, the deans, president, and VPs until they can fix what is wrong with the budget (before amputating programs that can lead to well-paying jobs).

Danial Bastian